History within Objects

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 (Conical Cup on Stand, 4600 BC)

Going to an exhibit and embracing all the historical artifacts was truly wonderful. It allowed me to actually focus on the differences between generations. There is a major difference between the generations, especially the types of objects that could be found back then. Within the museum there was a “Conical Cup on Stand” and it was just remarkably outstanding. This object game me a flashback to the generations where cups like these were in households of rich families and they would use them to drink the finest wine back then. An interesting fact about the cup and stand was that it was made out of clay. I would assume that since this object was from 4600 BC that the object was made by hand. Also, the cup is the original part, but the stand is not from the same archaeological context but fits the cup (Conical Cup on Stand, 4600 BC).

As a result, the finding of this cup and stand is very valuable to our history. The worth of this object is valuable for the reason that it is an old object that has been preserved for many years. This object goes back with so many generations and it was very significant back then. This cup gives our generation a background and insight of what could have been seen back then. It was significant and very important for the reason that it stood for high status in the family. This cup and stand was typically used for drinking beverages. In addition, this was also used for special ceremonies and it was given to visitors or guests (Conical Cup on Stand, 4600 BC). As significant and valuable as it was back then it still is now but not as much back then because it was important to the people’s background. It has all come down to the point where we can emphasize that an object can be differentiated by generations. A similar object as the cup and stand is used right now, but we do not value it as much because we simply have regular cups to drink from when we are thirsty. All of this comes to show that objects change over time and it involves the people within the generation that make this change possible.

Stephanie Perez


Someone like Us

(Solis, 2009)

     Our generation has made a statement thus far. We have clearly stated through our actions that we are not willing to give up and that we want to succeed in life. In hopes of becoming someone successful, something that makes us and those around us proud. Just as other generations, we are fortunate enough to have people that stand out as leaders. As a member of the millennial generation I believe that there are men out there who are seen as significant role models. These role models have something within them that make them manliness. In my opinion I would define manliness as a person who is an inspiration, a role model, intellectual person, and has leadership skills.

These role models have something within them that create their manliness, but there is one very specific person I keep in mind. I believe that my uncle, Isaias Solis is manliness in the way that he speaks out to our generation. As mentioned in McKay’s blog post, “As each generation type is born, matures, comes to influence in the culture, and then declines and dies.” (McKay, 2012) This quote stands for those who are influential to us and our country. This is only my opinion, but my uncle represents the millennial generation from everything that he has accomplished. His face should be put in the box with the question mark along with the other men.  In a way he is the mirror of what our generation is capable of doing and excelling beyond his point. He created a documentary named “In Our Own Words” describing what he believes in and what his purpose in life is (Solis, 2009). My uncle has my greatest admiration and is the pride of the family for graduating with a degree in social work, Management of Human Services in graduate school. My uncle attended the prestigious school named the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor and is now the director for Agency and Neighborhood Coordination for Ingham County. My uncle accomplished much more than any other family member that I know and even though the economy wasn’t great he still fought through. McKay mentioned in his blog post that there are numerous forms of threats being made to the nation and one of them is economic distress (McKay, 2012). Even back then this was a renowned issue in our nation but this did not stop my uncle. As I find my uncle to be a manliness person to our country, I hope that those who have met him have the same reaction.

Stephanie Perez

Movements Create a Voice

Each generation has something to bring forth, something that will make a mark in history. Any action that a group of people also considered as a generation in my opinion can make a great change in our society. I personally consider my generation to be active, strong, hardworking, and open people to change. As the large group that we have, we also have our voices to be heard. The larger the group, the more we are heard, the more we make our statement powerful. It doesn’t take too much effort to create a revolution; you just need a group of people who support your opinion or topic.

As seen in the video it didn’t take much effort to create a movement or a revolution. The question that we should be asking ourselves is how a revolution or movement is created? Is a revolution created from previous generations and if so in what part are they contributing? Is it one generation that creates a revolution and are we capable of such a thing? All these are good questions that we should take into consideration. I personally feel that if a revolution takes place during this generation it includes us in addition to ideas from previous generations. Revolutions don’t just come out of nowhere; they have to have some background to why it was created. This is why previous generations must be a key factor to revolutions today and possibly in the future. Any movement that is created has a purpose. As mentioned in Bill Moyer’s article, “The power of movements is directly proportional to the forcefulness with which the grassroots exert their discontent and demand change.” (Moyer, 1987).

A very simple yet complex situation is one that Derek Sivers refers to as he gives his speech. Derek mentions that to start a movement you need a leader and “a leader needs the guts to stand out and be ridiculed”, (Sivers, 2010). Once someone takes the initiative, there are those who follow and in time creates a movement. Something important that must be met in order to officially have a movement is to make it public. Some of these movements can have an inspirational effect on my family and me. If the movement deals with something that I can see myself becoming a part then I am in total agreement with any movement occurring. This is only my personal view on movements in general, they really do not affect my family’s values or mine in anyway; others may disagree.


Stephanie Perez

Tragedies in the World


     Social media is a great source, because it lets us know what is happening around the world as we speak. During this generation, many people use more technology to look up current events rather than read a newspaper. I personally did not know what had occurred with Zimmerman’s case until today. Yes I use social media sites or apps, but my attention inclines more toward other things instead of news. I thought Zimmerman’s case was very intriguing for the fact that I knew many questions would arise. Zimmerman’s case according to the CNN article I read went on for seventeen months (Bothelo, 2013). Many people proposed different questions, but they all fell under a certain category. The categories I found within people’s questions were race and if Zimmerman was found guilty or not guilty. From my point of view, I believe that the inquiries that are being staged by the public discourse are on point. Many of these questions have been displayed in one way or another and therefore must have some significance to it.

Some of the questions that are brought up must be reinforced with actual data or facts in order to make a statement. What would have happened if Zimmerman did not get out of the car as he was instructed by a police attendant through the phone?  Since Zimmerman approached Trayvon, shouldn’t he have been blamed for causing this event to take place? Who was indeed the attacker or the defender? There are so many questions taking place and opinions sprouting though. I did research on this case and I would be against Zimmerman. Zimmerman was found not guilty, but a question still stands out. Zimmerman reported to CNN that “I was attacked and was defending himself because Trayvon was banging my head on the pavement” (Botelho, 2013). Yet when I saw pictures of Zimmerman during the court sessions, he showed no signs on injury. I believe that this case made a statement to the world; let your voices be heard. In regards to Zimmerman’s case the reading I read was Superman and Me by Sherman Alexie ties into it perfectly. This short story ties into Zimmerman’s case, because Alexie shows how he stood up for what he believed in. Alexie demonstrated that he was capable of anything that he proposed himself to do. Alexie was illiterate and now he is a well know writer by many individuals, he became the superman that he described in his story. Just as Alexie stood up for himself so did Trayvon’s family in trying to find out the real story behind his death. Everyone wants their voices to be heard, especially if it might make a difference in society.

Stephanie Perez

Together we are Stronger



The word “millennial” is new to me, something that I have never heard until now. Millennials are people who were born after 1980 and are between the ages of 18 and 29 (Millennials: Confident. Connected. Open to Change, 2014). Luckily I fall into this category and therefore I am considered a part of the millennial generation. Although many changes have occurred over generations, I believe that our generation has plenty of potential. According to Pew’s research on millennials, our generation is unique for different things compared to other generations. We are unique because of the amount of technology we use, music or pop culture, liberal or tolerant, smarter, and clothes (Millennials: Confident. Connected. Open to Change, 2014). For example, the silent generation was unique for World War II, being smarter, honest, work ethic, and values or morals. Each generation has unique things that make up who we are; I am a part of the millennial generation.

I believe that our generation will tough in up and make it through tough times, but others do not think the same way. Some people consider us as the screwed up generation and there are many factors that account for this. Our economy and the actions that the previous generations took, affects us one way or another. According to the Newsweek article on “Are Millennials the Screwed Generation?” it states that we will have debts to pay from our previous generations. The way we will pay the debt will be through higher taxes, less infrastructure and social spending (Are Millennials the Screwed Generation, 2014). We might have financial problems, but not everyone will have those types of problems. I plan to have the least amount of loans as possible after I graduate from college. Everyone in the millennial generation has a different plan in order to strive in life.

An important factor that will allow us to strive and be successful in life is to be comprehensive with situations that occur in the world we live today. An example of this includes accepting the fact that immigrants from all over the world come to the Unites States of America on a daily basis. According to Pew’s research on millennails, we are more receptive to immigrants than our elders (Millennials: Confident. Connected. Open to Change, 2014). I believe that our generation is unlike any other, we have more advance and unique things than the previous generation. If I am anything, if we are anything, we are the generation that will bring enthusiasm, skill, determination and surprise to the world.

Stephanie Perez

Confrontations in Life



Coming into the University of Michigan enlightened me, but also frightened me. It is a great honor and privilege to be attending a university with high standards. Now many people by this point might be thinking that I am scared about small things that I might encounter in college, but that is not true. I am scared about people judging me for who I am; especially my background. I was born in America, but just because I am Mexican American does not give anyone the right to judge me. Discrimination has been seen throughout many years and unfortunately I have been a victim. The fact is, I do not understand why people discriminate against others. Why are they wasting their time and my time making insults? How do they have the courage to straight up discriminate someone? Why do they attack innocent people, who they have probably never met? In my opinion, these people have nothing to do, but make other people’s life seem worthless. The attackers do not know who we are or if we suffer, yet they decide to bring more pain upon us. I would start to think that people who discriminate must in some sense have a boring life. It may come to the point that people who decide to take a negative action towards someone may not have morals. I would think that they were taught no manners and are simply immature. I certainly hope to never become a person with such negative and low values. The great thing about the University of Michigan, especially through the summer bridge program is that they alert one. In the fall, there is not that much diversity and that could be a problem. Although problems tend to be fixed and if discrimination is occurring we can find a solution to decrease discrimination. We all have to grow as a community, stay strong and help each other through tough moments. Another approach that might benefit in a way from being discriminated is that it makes one mentally and emotionally stronger. In the end, who are the mature adults? An independent and strong woman also faced discrimination for who she was and for the color of her skin. Rosa Parks along with Martin Luther King Jr. made history in 1955. Rosa Parks was discriminated against and thought of as inferior and that is the reason why she was told to move seats on the bus (The Story Behind the Bus, 2014). I admire Rosa for who she is, because she did not care about anybody else but her values as well as identity. Although I did not have the same exact experience, I have also been discriminated against. People have told me to go back where I came from, cross the border, beaner and other things that lower ones self-esteem. There will be people in our lives that we find graceful and others who are not; unfortunately that is how life is. Stephanie Perez