The University Training Ground



A special thank you to everyone who wrote the couplets. Without them, this poem would not have been possible. Hope to stay in touch with everyone.


The University Training Ground

The education system is changing, but where do we stand

It was built for success but the system tries to break you

No one knows who you are, but the ironic part is that you don’t know either

People start on the right track  in the beginning; until something stops them during the ride

Some people jump off the train and lose themselves

Some will continue the journey others will never continue

All of us should strive to be different; all of us should strive for our own greatness


Millennials: The Hero Generation


In one of our readings, “The Generations of Men: How the Cycles of History Shape Your Values, Your Idea of Manhood, and Your Future”, Brett and Kate McKay talk about the four cycles a generation goes through also known as the Strauss-Howe Generation Theory. The theory states “that the generations of history change in a regular cycle, just like the seasons of the year. These cycles are: Prophet, Nomad, Hero and Artist. Every 20 years generations move up the age ladder and the culture changes (McKays).


There are some generations they are either raised in a nurturing family and there are some that were not (McKays). According to the McKays, “there are three types of groups in a generation: those who set the tone for the generation, those who follow the tone-setters lead, and those who rebel against the generational mood altogether.” When it comes down to manliness in America, some men get ideas about manhood from their grandfather’s generation. The Millennial man wants to live a simple life. This mean that they are responsible, want to do the right thing, and get the job done (McKays).    


People who were born between the years 1984-2004 are considered the new hero generation. Some have questioned what man represents manliness for my generation. Who will step up and set an example for what a man in America should be like? There is one person that comes to mind that has a hero trait for this generation. I have known this guy since 9th grade. His name is Stevin Coleman. Throughout our years at Davis Aerospace he has always displayed heroic characteristics. He was always in content. Never heard any negative thoughts about him. He was always taking care of business and never messed with anyone else’s. I see him as a leader. When he was in the Air Force J.R.O.T.C., he was the Commander of all of the student cadets. If someone were to slip up, he would have a talk with that person. When American enters the fourth turning, they’ll enter with a unique opportunity to achieve greatness as a people (Strauss and Howe). That uniqueness can help change America. I see that uniqueness in my friend Stevin Coleman. If there were more men like him, there would a lot more focused and determined men.



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The Generation Revolution

Kylier Love


Writing 100


 A revolution is defined as a sudden, extreme, or complete change in the way people live, work, etc. Revolutions have been apart of every generation for a long time. One little spark can start something big. For example, in a video a man was outside dancing his heart out without making it look too awkward. Someone sees the guys and joins in on the fun. Over the course of a minute, more people join until an entire crowd is in on the action. Somebody would say that the person who stared dancing like he didn’t have a care was the leader. If you think about it, the first volunteer is the true leader in this case. His little “spark” started a wildfire of a revolution (TED).


            In September 2011, a group of protesters came together to voice their opinion about how the economy is in favor of the rich. One of the protesters was quoted saying, “Something needs to change. We need an economy for the people and by the people, not for the rich and by the rich.”(CNN) I agree with that statement. During my 18 years on this planet, I’ve noticed that those who make maybe $500,000 or more have a less tax break than those who do not have a six-figure salary. It’s sad that everyone else has to suffer in this bad economy.


            It all began with a meeting to talk about the goals at the Wall Street Bull. Eventually, the meeting at the Wall Street Bull turned into an uproar that created traffic in the streets. According to CNN, the Occupy Movement was modeled after the “Arab Spring” movement. When something does not feel right, it’s a person right to voice their opinion and say what the problem is.


            To answer the question: Is it one generation or several that forges a revolution? My response, Protests are apart of our culture and generation. Whether they work or not, people still get out there and get their message across to those that are willing to at least hear them out. Generations before me have created the most memorable revolutions that people know about to this day. The most famous revolution: The civil right movement. It caught people’s attention and soon the whole nation had known about it through television and radio. If you were to know about a revolution today, a person could read about it on their Facebook or twitter feed or an online newspaper.


            To be honest, I had forgotten about the Occupy Wall Street Movement until I saw the video about it earlier this week. I remember hearing, watching, and reading about it on all the major news outlets at the time. Twitter was in an uproar with the hashtags: #OccupyWallStreet and #TakeWallStreet (CNN). One Occupy protester, Mark Bray, said that the movement “was about creating vision of a different world. A world where people actually have their needs met. A humane society.” (Pepitone) So whatever became of OM? Well, all of the people that were involved left because of evictions and time. Maybe someday in the future, generations will live in a world where everyone has their needs met. Until that day comes, we’ll have to handle this world one day at a time.




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Zimmerman’s Tears of Joy, Trayvon Cries for Help

 Photo Credit: Sandra Rose 

I remember waiting for the final decision on the Trayvon Martin case. I had hope that the jury would find George Zimmerman guilty. When I heard that he was found not guilty, I was in shock. How can someone kill a child and not be found guilty? The fact that he was smiling afterwards sickens me. He should of have received a long sentence. On February 26, 2012 Zimmerman shot 17-year-old Trayvon Martin to death. All he had was some skittles and a bottle of tea. He wasn’t just murdered by a man; he was murdered by a prejudice man. Zimmerman changed a family’s dynamic for the rest of their lives. During prosecution, there were many questions being asked about that night.


There was one question that was on everyone’s mind: “Did the prosecution make a mistake in filing a second-degree murder charge against Zimmerman?” (Carter, Chelsea. J.; Yan, Carter) Many have questioned the decision on the charges. One criminal defense attorney, Holly Hughes, said that the prosecution overcharged it in the very beginning (Carter, Chelsea. J.; Yan, Carter). The charge that would have been the right fit in this case would be manslaughter and the outcome would have been different. However, according to the Florida State Attorney, Angela Corey, Zimmerman’s allegations fit the description of manslaughter. All the news outlets asked the same question, “Why did he shoot Trayvon Martin?” Zimmerman’s response was that it was self-defense. My response to that is that his prejudice mindset killed Trayvon because he judged him based on his appearance. All he wanted to do was walk back home to his family.


Ever since that day, Zimmerman has feared for his life. His brother said that he will have to look over his shoulder for the rest of his life (Botelho, Greg; Yan, Holly). The public discourse surrounding this moment was  ugly and deadly. The Internet was in uproar about the decision. Everyday, people would go on Twitter and tweet out death threats to Zimmerman. At the end of the day, a family lost a son and a brother. This proves that prejudice and racism is alive and vicious. Who ever said that racism no longer exist, that person is what I call WRONG!! All I can say is that I hope one day that people won’t prejudge a person based on what they wear. Had Zimmerman not done that, Trayvon would be alive today and be in college. Why does the media assumes that if a black person wears a hoodie they feel the right to label him as a thug? Trayvon, like any other teenager, had dreams of going to college, but that was taken away from him all because of a misunderstanding.      








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Generation Identity

Generation Misunderstanding


For centuries, there have been names that describes a generation based on the year they were born and how he or she acts when they are growing up. Here are some names of the different generations: Baby Boomer, Generation X, Silent, etc. (Pew Research). I never fully understood the meaning behind the names of the generation that came before me.  Based on my birth year and society, I am a part of the Milleinnal Generation.

Until about last week, I did not know what was the name of my generation and I did not care about it. What I don’t understand is why do people come up with these names and implant them into our minds through their writing. Some say that our generation is screwed. The people who write about this age group do not know anything about this generation. According to one article, “A lot of older people we talk to about the project will tell us that they’re completely stumped at how optimistic our generation is” (Thompson).

From what I have observed, my fellow Bridge classmates have a lot of positivity and very optimistic. The reason why this generation has so much optimism is because of the encouragement we received growing up from our parents and is still with us during our college careers. Despite everything everyone goes through in life, we have to remember to keep our heads up and be positive. My family instilled this to me because they always believed in me.

Do I identify myself as part of the Millennial generation? At times I do. The main characteristic I share with many other Millennials is that I want a better life for my family and myself in the future. However, there are some that do not believe in us because we are still in our teen years.  

If we are anything, we are misunderstood young adults. Many people question whether or not the “miserable” millenials can make it in the real world (Thompson)? I say we can survive and make something of ourselves. “We still have little power in this power in this country, and until those in charge stop seeing us as shiftless rogues, we’re going to be on our own in creating the life we want” (Thompson).

Ky Love

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The Ever Changing World

First off, I want to say what an honor it is to be attending one of the greatest colleges in America. I can’t wait to begin my journey as a wolverine. Ever since I was a young girl, I always knew that I wanted to go to college. The dedication to my education has led me to The University of Michigan. I remember hearing a lot about how my generation could be the one to make a difference and change the world. The media has been giving the class of 2014 a lot of praise. I never heard this much excitement about my graduating year until the day I graduated from high school on June 3. That gives the boost I need to do well in college. I made a vow to myself that I would stay on top of my studies no matter what and to never lose my focus.


While I am hitting the books, I still have time to hear and read about current events that is going on outside of the university. One of the most talked about topics in today’s society is legalizing gay marriage. According to, Massachusetts was the first state to recognize same sex marriages in 2004. As of June 2014, about 18 states have approved same-sex marriages (USA Today). The battle to recognize same-sex marriages has been going on for a while now.


I take having an education very seriously. A person can go far with a solid education. It’s a shame that there are certain people who are not grateful for the educational advantages they have in America. There are people who would love to have what Americans take for granted. I heard about these groups that are kidnapping Nigerian girls from schools because they believe a girl should not receive an education. The LA Times reported that the abduction occurred in mid-April. A gunman drove up to a settlement in northern Nigeria and ordered the girls into the truck by gunpoint. The Islamic group, Boko Haram, is opposed to Western education. The group name translated means “Western education is forbidden” in the Hausa language (BCC News).

I guess these men still have this mentality that they are superior over women because they are men. This is not the case. Women are just as powerful as men. I don’t understand why men like the Boko Haram group can’t accept that women want better lives for themselves and not to be someone’s doormat? 

Having an education is like having a backbone, you can’t live without it and you need it for support. Some of those girls who were kidnapped lost that backbone. I pray they survive and get back their backbone. 

Until next time, peace, love and happiness!

                                                                                                                           Kylier Love