The Best Generation

Each generation has several qualities that sets them apart from the everyone else. Some of those qualities are good, others not so good. However according to Joel Kotkin, the author of “Are Millennial the Screwed Generation?,” the millennial generation is on the not so good spectrum. Kotkin tries to argue that the millennial generation is “screwed” in various aspects including, economically, financially, and academically. These key issues are putting this generation in a setback, causing Kotkin to have a broaden belief that we will eventually “screw America.”

Then again, why dwell on the disadvantages when there are so many positives of being a part of the millennial generation. Our technology is steadily advancing. Many technological advances such as cell phones and computers seemed a far off to past generations, but thanks to the millennial generation, these innovations are now improving everyday life. The millennial generation also lives in a more diverse society and we are witnessing many social issues such as gay marriage be granted to deserving individuals. Moreover, the Pew Research Social and Demographic Trends defines the millennial generation as being “confident, self-expressive, liberal, upbeat and open to change.” Although we are bombarded with financial strain, including student debt and a poor job outlook, we still are obtaining a higher education because we value its importance. We pass laws that give rights to what pass generations would consider not worthy of having, because we view everyone as equal and everyone deserves a chance at happiness. This generation is not letting the problems that Kotkin describes bring them down. They are staying optimistic and are looking towards a better future.

I completely agree with the characteristics Pew gave to the millennial generation. I view myself sharing those same characteristics. If I am anything, if we are anything, we are unique. A really uplifting statement given from the article, Millennial medium chill: What the screwed generation can teach us about happiness, says “Maybe this generation won’t have a worse life, but just a different life.” We all have our own beliefs, ideas, and values, and that is what makes us different from everyone else. Yes, we may seem flawed to some, but all generations have their flaws. These flaws just give future generations something to learn from.


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One thought on “The Best Generation

  1. I agree with your perspective. I would’ve like to see more of it in this blog rather than reiterating what Pew and other sources that provided said data. This is a strong voice in your blog and well thought out. In what ways do you see yourself as a millennial? What characteristics and in what stages of your life?

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