History within Objects

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 (Conical Cup on Stand, 4600 BC)

Going to an exhibit and embracing all the historical artifacts was truly wonderful. It allowed me to actually focus on the differences between generations. There is a major difference between the generations, especially the types of objects that could be found back then. Within the museum there was a “Conical Cup on Stand” and it was just remarkably outstanding. This object game me a flashback to the generations where cups like these were in households of rich families and they would use them to drink the finest wine back then. An interesting fact about the cup and stand was that it was made out of clay. I would assume that since this object was from 4600 BC that the object was made by hand. Also, the cup is the original part, but the stand is not from the same archaeological context but fits the cup (Conical Cup on Stand, 4600 BC).

As a result, the finding of this cup and stand is very valuable to our history. The worth of this object is valuable for the reason that it is an old object that has been preserved for many years. This object goes back with so many generations and it was very significant back then. This cup gives our generation a background and insight of what could have been seen back then. It was significant and very important for the reason that it stood for high status in the family. This cup and stand was typically used for drinking beverages. In addition, this was also used for special ceremonies and it was given to visitors or guests (Conical Cup on Stand, 4600 BC). As significant and valuable as it was back then it still is now but not as much back then because it was important to the people’s background. It has all come down to the point where we can emphasize that an object can be differentiated by generations. A similar object as the cup and stand is used right now, but we do not value it as much because we simply have regular cups to drink from when we are thirsty. All of this comes to show that objects change over time and it involves the people within the generation that make this change possible.

Stephanie Perez


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