We Are Our Own Hero

Gabrielle Cuzzola

July 30, 2014

I don’t believe there is one single person that can represent our generation as the “next hero.”  The idea that someone has to be an iconic figure to make an impact is something that is now a thing of the past, still lingering but now evolved into something more powerful.  The McKays’ collaborated on the elaboration of each generations theme is and who best represented that generation in their article, “The Generations of Men: How the Cycles of History Shape Your Values, Your Idea of Manhood, and Your Future.”  This is the perfect example to show the evolution of each generation.  In my opinion,  this prevents people from developing their own heroism within themselves. Instead of feeling that you should be more like this iconic figure, it provides more a gateway of bringing self-awareness of one’s own heroic attributes.

Perhaps what I am trying to express is our generation is learning how to be our own hero, as a collective group of individuals. Oscar Wilde once said, “Be yourself, everyone else is already taken.”  This is something that has been engraved into my mind and made its way into one of my life mottos.  Creating an identity for ourselves let alone our generation is something that is no easy task but a challenge that I will relentlessly accept.  In my perspective, I see a common theme of independence, confidence, and innovation.  Being dependent on someone seems to be an inconvenient vulnerability; I want to be my own hero.  I want to grow and learn from experiences of my own and not vicariously through someone else’s.

As one voice that is apart of many millennials, sharing this opinion feels natural to me.  Although, other millennials may not agree with me but thats the difference between our generation and previous generations.  We aren’t easily swayed to conformed to societal norms.  We have seen what components, such as war, art, media, etc., has shaped generations in their own respective way.  It seems we millennials have different approach of how we want to define our generation. The next hero embodies all of us; who is to say who that should be?







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