What Defines a Man?

The millennial generation has been defined and many ways: “confident and ambitious goal-setters, and remain optimistic despite the downbeat economy (Strauss-Howe). In order for someone to represent this generation, I believe that they need to share these characteristics. Within the millennial generation there are plenty of individuals to choose from, that could possibly be the face of this generation. Although, many individuals would think that the person that should represent this generation should be a person that has faced many obstacles in their life, or a person who is trying to make a significant change in the world, or even a person who was very poor and then all of a sudden they are a successful millionaire that gives many of their earnings to the unfortunate, I beg to differ. I do not think that the person who represent the millennial generation, should be a person who seem flawless. If they seem flawless, there is no way to learn from and work towards. The person that should represent the millennial generation should be someone you could compare yourself to. Someone who is working towards a common goal and who can potentially make a difference in the world. This should be a person who can own up to their mistakes and learn from them, instead of brushing them under the rug. The individual that I believe should represent manliness for the millennial generation is my best friend Larry Patrick.

I first met Larry when I was in the 10th grade, he was in the 12th. Although neither one of us can remember exactly how we started to hang out, we are very appreciative happy we are very close friends. In the Strauss-Howe article, it states that a man lives a good life, if they “don’t make a fuss about it, just be responsible, do the right thing, be competent, and get the job done.” I have always known Larry to exemplify these examples. He is being raised by a single mother because his father died when he was only twelve years old. He tries to help his mother out as much as possible, by helping her pay the bills. He is currently in working and going to school full time at the age of twenty. For most people his age, they may think that that is a lot of work, but I never hear Larry complain about it. He has many goals that he is trying to achieve, and he has a mindset of being the best at everything he does. I admire Larry’s hardwork ethic, and he represents everything a man should be. If Larry doesn’t represent manliness for the millennial generation, I don’t know who does.


One thought on “What Defines a Man?

  1. This a great blog. I really admire that you used your friend, Larry as your hero/ generation man. He deserves it. This was a very creatively written blog. I wish you would’ve elaborated on more details of how Larry fits this “perfect man” or “hero” description. Well done!

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