Evan Louro


Their are many different way that people in todays day in age think of the perfect man. In my mind i think that the perfect human is Cristiano Ronaldo. He is my idol because we both play soccer and he is the best in the world and naturally everyone is going to idolize and want to be like the best soccer player in the world. I think when many people think of the perfect man they think of him. The main reason for this besides soccer is because he is very marketable. He is always in magazines and the face of clothing brands. This in turn has made him a household name across the world. Everyone knows who Cristiano Ronaldo is regardless of where they are from. 

I think another main reason why he can be perceived as the perfect man is because of how he carries himself. The ideal perfect man in today’s society has to carry himself in a certain way with dignity and with character. Cristiano has this way about him that many people respect and he is very up front in the way he feels and i think that is a great aspect of being the perfect man. 

He grew up with nothing. He grew up in a small town of an island off the coast of Portugal called Madera. He moved away from his family when he was just a little boy because he was signed by a dam called Sporting Lisbon on the mainland of Portugal. His family was poor and as soon as he was signed he began to make money. Since he was making money he began sending money back home to help support his family because they were so poor. When he got to about 18 years old he moved to Manchester, England because he was signed by Manchester United who was actually here to play against his current team, Real Madrid this past weekend. 

He is now the richest soccer player in the world and from coming from nothing that is pretty special and now he has everything and he can support his whole family. This is the last and most important characteristic of the “Perfect Man” because in order to be considered a perfect man you need to be able to make it on your own and succeed even through hardships. A&E Networks Television, n.d. Web. 04 Aug. 2014. <;.



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