The Hydra Epidemic

revolutions throughout history often follow a pattern of process. They start with social injustice, the mob mentality takes over, a power struggle occurs, and things start to change. It is a recipe for social practice. When enough citizens of the middles east decided to take a stand against the injustice among their countries, the Arab spring was started. Social media helped ideas spread like wild fire faster than the governments could shut them down. Political officials were genially overwhelmed by the masses of information being spread and the shotgun precision of the spread allowed for public peaceful and violent protests to occur on scales large enough to rapidly change the shape of the political face of the Middle East. The use of technology in the Arab spring was the first large scale revolution that utilized modern media, and although it came at rapid speeds compared to revolutions in the past, and it was much more aggressive, it still followed the recipe for revolution.
Similarly, those who chose to participate in the occupy wall street movement thought me selves to be revolutionists. The difference lies in the set up of the recipe. The “99%” was truly much much less than what they established themselves as. They tried to claim the voice of the silent majority, and ended up costing the silent majority millions of dollars for the taxes they payed to keep the streets that the protestors vandalized. They supported the businesses that the occupiers took advantage of. The mob mentality did take over, but they lacked any power, and couldn’t cause any true change because of it.
regardless, of intentions, history must repeat itself. That is why there is a recipe. But the wheels often turn in rhythm, if you cut off the head of one dictator, chances are, 2 more shall take its place, hence, the hydra epidemic. The Bolshevik revolution brought communism and Stalin. Germany’s revolution of the early 20th century, brought the holocaust and totalitarianism. Even the American revolution brought the power struggle between France and England, the north and south of the US, and the western world struggle. It all goes around, and the suggestion to offer, is moderate modern revolution.



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