Ray Lewis

A man who represents this current generation of today in my eyes would be ex Baltimore Ravens linebacker Ray Lewis. He is a man of character, loyalty, and most of all a family man. We all make mistakes and Ray made a critical mistake earlier in big career being caught up with the law. he was charged with murder but was found innocent of the murder and to be found it was someone else. This has not diminished the fact he is a man of this generation. Ray lewis played with great intensity and passion while on the football field but off the field he was a giant who was gentle and cared about his family and the community. Ray has been recognized by many sports analysts to be one of the greatest linebackers to ever step on the field. He has been crowned champion of the world in the great game of football.
All throughout his young child hood he was told he was too small, not strong enough, or eve not fast enough to be great at football. Now retired and soon to be in the Hall of Fame, Ray Lewis achieved greatness through hard work and dedication. Two values I have placed on the top of my values list. Hard work can get you anywhere and if you are dedicated and passionate about what you do then you will perform with quality. Add those two value together and in my eyes you have a man.
Ray lewis also does everything for the glory of God. He firmly believes as do I that his strength comes from the Lord. “I can accomplish all things through Christ who strengthens me.” Ray Lewis wear this bible verse on his eye black. It takes a strong man to stay firm in his walk with the Lord and this is another of the many reason why I admire Ray Lewis as a man of this generation. Always looking to the positive side and having a glass half full mentality with everything he lays his hands on.


6 thoughts on “Ray Lewis

  1. Great Blog!! I love Ray Lewis! I think that was an excellent choice to pick him. Everyone makes mistakes but he still rose from his mistakes. I do believe hard work can get you anywhere. Ray Lewis is definitely a man of his generation. Great Job!

  2. Awesome blog I am to a he fan of Ray Lewis! My first video game I ever bought was the Madden 05 with him on the cover. He was a terrific linebacker, but an even better man. He is probably the most humble athlete I have ever see and he was truly inspiring. His pep talks where bar-none as evident by the video you posted. He kept his head through hard times and is always looking to help others. Perfect selection, I enjoyed your article and agree his embodies a true man.

  3. The video you chose was extremely powerful and it really summarized your article. It was great how you picked a man who shared your same passion which is football. This was a really great blog!

  4. It was nice to see how you incorporated yourself into the blog and Ray Lewis. To be honest I did not know much about him until now and he sounds like a great man and an ideal person to be the one in the box with the question mark. Overall great job and make sure to add another resource besides the video like the reading we had to do for class. (:

  5. Can’t help but to agree with you Ray Lewis is a great representation of a man who is in search for greatness. Let alone he is also a great man, he is a constant representation I like to look upon not because he’s a great football player but he’s also a man of God, which I have so much respect for. I admire people who hold god above all which you don’t see many atheletes do. He’s a reminder that our faith is the number one priority.

  6. To be honest i didn’t even think of Ray Lewis when thinking of the perfect man. However, Brady you are completely right. He is know for being a great all around person and being able to joke around but at the same time knowing when business needs to be done and get serious. He is a great representation of the perfect man.

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