Pre Classic

Sam Junge

The Idea of the great American runner has been lost for decades. Other countries put forth multiple top tier athletes and the US continues to fall short. However American running is on the rise. Steve Prefontaine is once again popular, an American won the Boston marathon. Things are changing in the realm of american athletics. Prefontaine fought dozens of social standards and rules of athletic society to prove that the current definitions of amateur standards were wrong. Prefontaine was a young and rising American star that was Fighting the amateur status set by the Olympic committee. He was an elite level of sports, living in a trailer off food stamps and 3 dollars a day. he was payed in shoes, and still performed and represented the modern athlete. He died young, but he was the face of iconic American athletic representation, and continued even after his death to be a figured head for the US and Olympic sports in a world distraught with turmoil. The world was on the edge of a 3 Great War, and due to the professional presence, of amateur athletes such as Pre, helped show the face of he modern American to the rest of the world.



3 thoughts on “Pre Classic

  1. It was great how you decided on a person who shared the same passion as you which is running. Also, it was nice how you talked about him as a person who changed the future of running as a sport. However, I did not recognize any references to the McKays article.

  2. Great article I can see just through your writing you have a great passion for running. Great personal connection with yourself. He is defined as a man in my eyes, living off of food stamps and 3 dollars a day, and still competing to be the best distance runner in the world.

  3. I think you have a good blog, but I would have liked to read more on how it ties into our hero generation and how it influences you as a person. I did not see anything cited from the articles. I think if you mention what generation he is in and how that relates to other generations and how that relates to ours too, it would be a stronger post. Great Job !!!!

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