My Best Friend is my Representative


Although he barely made it into this generation, I would say that my best friend belongs in that box with the big question. In my opinion, he is the “Man of the Years”. My best friend is a man who knows what it is like to struggle and to have to work to get back on his feet. That was when he experienced his “High”. According to the McKay article, a High is “a time with strong civic values: institutions are strong and individualism is weak. Ideals that were valued during a crisis are institutionalized”. I am sure that my best friend has had a few low points in his life because a man of his background always has things that he must overcome. However, the lowest “Crisis” point he had ,in my opinion, was when he found out his grandmother had lung cancer. His grandmother acted as his mentor, his best friend, his mother, and many more. She meant the world to him but he knew that she would not be around for much longer. Since a “High” is a time after a crisis, his “High” came here. Knowing that the loss of his best friend was inevitable, he changed a multitude of things from how he got his money to who he hung out with. Once he lost his grandmother, those changes were set in stone.

My best friend is a representation of my generation because he has experienced adversities that many people though he had no chance of getting through. Seeing as though my generation has been labeled the “screwed” generation, we know struggle and adversities , as a generation, all too well. We caught the backlash of other people’s decisions. Some say we have no chance of becoming successful. Many are afraid that we are the generation that now controls the future. But we are not letting those critics deter us. And my best friend did not allow those critics to deter him either. We, as a generation, are undergoing our Crisis now as we have been for a while. Will we ever come out of our Crisis stage? Absolutely. But it will not be a simple task. We must work to get out of our Crisis so that we can reach our High and make the many generations who look down on us “eat their words”. That is our goal and we will achieve it. No ifs, ands, or buts about it.

– Nya M.


5 thoughts on “My Best Friend is my Representative

  1. I like how you considered your “best friend” as “Man of Years” because I think that was very sweet. I do agree we need to overcome our crisis so we can work to get to our high points. Great Blog!

  2. Your blog was well written in the way that you provided enough information that I could probably imagine in some sense your friend. From what you wrote your friend is a very strong person and it well suited to be the person in the box with the question mark. What really stood out to me was that you wrapped up the ending of your blog and talked about our generation as a whole overcoming obstacles that we might encounter. (

  3. I Like the photo you chose. Represents unity that is lost in the world. Sounds like your friend is the right fit for the box with the question mark. The ending sticks out to me the most. Good job.

  4. This essay really caught my attention. The use of pathos from the personal experience of your best friend really reeled me in. I think this post was well done. I also like how you brought in the theme of generations into this post. How our “screwed” generation will overcome our difficulties just as your friend had. I enjoyed reading this, it was lovely. Thank you!

  5. I also chose to write about my best friend. I also liked how you used many examples from the article in your blog. The one thing that stood out most for me is when you described the difficulties that your best friend faced, and how he dealt with them.

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