Millennial Hero Generation

b superman

Terra Stapleton

I believe my boyfriend, Jake, represents manliness for this generation. In the article, it says that we are in a crisis turning and the generation archetype is the hero. The crisis turning “can take numerous forms; economic distress caused by defaulting on national debt, hyper inflation, or widespread unemployment, social distress caused by class or race warfare, ecological distress caused by natural or man-made disasters…” which creates heroes (McKay). The hero is “confident, ambitious, and optimistic about life” so manliness has changed from previous generations to fit that (McKay). When I read the article and really found out what a hero man is, I had to sit and think about whom I thought represented a hero man.

 The face I would pick for the block would be my boyfriend, Jake. He represents everything about our generation. Jake has “hero generation qualities: they’re very friendly, sensible, nice, and even-keeled, get along well with younger peers and older adults, are very peer and team-oriented, and prefer practical solutions over polarizing ideologies” and Jake has all of these qualities (McKay). The reason I know Jake is because I have been dating him for almost two years and I have seen him be a Millennial hero.

 Jake represents the hero man in our crisis turn in many ways. For example, Jake is never rude and if he thinks someone needs help, he always helps as much as he can. This fits the description of a hero Millennial man. Jake is great with younger kids, because sometimes he is a big kid himself, and is great and respectful to adults and elders. In McKay’s article, it says the hero man gets along with other generations, which Jake does.

Jake is always thinking about others before himself. For example, at Wendy’s he saw a little girl trying to buy a little bit of food, but she only had three dollars. He went up and used his last ten dollars to get the little girl a nice full meal. This shows that Jake cares for his community like a hero man. Jake also respects girls. Jake would not let any guy make a remark about me and if they did he would defend me. The Hero man has traditional views on men and women. Jake has these views for men and women. In my opinion, I would pick Jake because he is the man in my life that best represents our Millennial hero generation.


2 thoughts on “Millennial Hero Generation

  1. Let me just say that this is so cute!! I love how you wrote about someone in your life that is a hero. I loved reading about how he relates to our generation. You made a lot of good connections to the readings throughout your paper. Nice job! He sounds like a great boyfriend!

  2. I think its really cute how you chose to use your boyfriend. I also like how you gave many examples from his life that correlated to the characteristics of a manly man. I also loved your last sentence and I could tell you put a lot of work and heart into this blog.

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