The Toddlers of the Protesting World: Occupy Wall Street

Gabrielle Cuzzola

July 25, 2014


The American Dream is not what it used to be in the early twentieth century.  It could be arguably seen as a dream deferred as what was written in Raisin in the Sun; the American Dream is no longer tangible for struggling Americans.  Whether the struggle is financial or material, the work ethic that was then and now has completely changed, therefore lead us to our a mini revolution in the twenty-first century labeled as Occupy Wall Street.

My struggle in understanding this revolution is not behind the meaning but the way the protesters went about it.  This is an age where ambition and power control everything; and if you don’t have either you are S. O. O. L.   The drive for survival as an American seems far less stressed than in the 1900s. There was a purpose and resilience that was manifested into their DNA.  Those that struggle today, protesters on the Wall Street are certainly making a name for themselves, but it seems to be one that mocks their very own reason of assembly.

Pacing the streets, scavenging for affirmation and even support from that of the 1% portrays an entitlement mentality that in my opinion doesn’t look very good on them.  I understand their purpose in protesting and projecting their voice for it to be heard by all.  Consequently, it makes them look even worse. Protesting for days: missing more opportunities that they could’ve taken, depriving their families of an income, and making themselves more vulnerable to the harsh reality of working is an essential to living.

Yes, Wall Street is home to many wealthy people, but why are they so concerned with what they do with their money? Wall Street helps provide economic circulation throughout the country and the world.  If they are in such a rut, why tear others down? Go improve your own standings before you criticize others for how they live. If you want so badly to change something, use your assets and build a community around the resources available with others in the same situation.



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