The Gentle Giant


To me, the face in the block with the big question mark represents someone who is known and has a positive influence. After many candidates, I decided on a male who succeeded despite his background. That man is the great, Michael Oher. A little background of him is that at a young age he didn’t have a father, his mother was a drug addict, he was homeless, and he was uneducated. He met the Tuohy’s who were a wealthy white family and eventually who took him in. Long story short, he was a 6 foot 4, 300+ lb., African-American male living in Memphis Tennessee, and he stuck out like a sore thumb at an all white school. After the influence and support of the Tuohy’s he started playing football, got to be really good, and is now currently playing in the NFL for the Baltimore Ravens. He overcame so much in his life and is making a positive impact on the world.

He is a good representation of American in this day and age. Overtime, our society has changed, and I believe he represents the millennial generation in such a significant way. The article entitled, “The Generations of Men: How the Cycles of History Shape Your Values, Your Idea of Manhood, and Your Future,” stated that, “The Millennial generation has weaknesses as every generation does, but they already display some classic Hero generation qualities: they’re very friendly, sensible, nice, and even-keeled, get along well with younger peers and older adults, are very peer and team-oriented, and prefer practical solutions over polarizing ideologies.” (Mckays, 2012) Michael Oher was known as a “gentle giant,” always caring for others more than himself. In addition, he was very team-oriented in his football team and family. He protected them with his life, and would do anything for them. A reading by Strauss and Howe expressed that the millennials, “…will have a much tighter personal, social, and economic interdependence with their parents than prior generations had.” (Strauss and Howe, 2006) He developed a close relationship between himself and the Tuohy’s.

He can be considered “manly” because he has the personality that most males have. He has proven his determination and dedication in football, as well as in his academics. Also, he is a supporter of his family, which many males are known for being. Michael Oher is such a positive and influential male in our generation.



2 thoughts on “The Gentle Giant

  1. I saw the movie on Michael Oher so I also know of his achievements. He had an extremely difficult childhood and the fact that he made it to the NFL sais a lot about his character. There were plenty of times when he could of just quit and gave up, but he didn’t and that is what a real man does. He had to great lengths to be successful, but he accomplished his goal at the end. I liked your article and you made it clear why you chose Oher.

  2. I love Oher and what his adopted family did for him. However, I think the real man of the year award goes to Mrs. Touhey, the woman that took him in, clothed him, and gave him an opportunity to make all of what you said possible. His background makes Oher and an underdog and who doesn’t like an underdog? Great job.

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