Someone like Us

(Solis, 2009)

     Our generation has made a statement thus far. We have clearly stated through our actions that we are not willing to give up and that we want to succeed in life. In hopes of becoming someone successful, something that makes us and those around us proud. Just as other generations, we are fortunate enough to have people that stand out as leaders. As a member of the millennial generation I believe that there are men out there who are seen as significant role models. These role models have something within them that make them manliness. In my opinion I would define manliness as a person who is an inspiration, a role model, intellectual person, and has leadership skills.

These role models have something within them that create their manliness, but there is one very specific person I keep in mind. I believe that my uncle, Isaias Solis is manliness in the way that he speaks out to our generation. As mentioned in McKay’s blog post, “As each generation type is born, matures, comes to influence in the culture, and then declines and dies.” (McKay, 2012) This quote stands for those who are influential to us and our country. This is only my opinion, but my uncle represents the millennial generation from everything that he has accomplished. His face should be put in the box with the question mark along with the other men.  In a way he is the mirror of what our generation is capable of doing and excelling beyond his point. He created a documentary named “In Our Own Words” describing what he believes in and what his purpose in life is (Solis, 2009). My uncle has my greatest admiration and is the pride of the family for graduating with a degree in social work, Management of Human Services in graduate school. My uncle attended the prestigious school named the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor and is now the director for Agency and Neighborhood Coordination for Ingham County. My uncle accomplished much more than any other family member that I know and even though the economy wasn’t great he still fought through. McKay mentioned in his blog post that there are numerous forms of threats being made to the nation and one of them is economic distress (McKay, 2012). Even back then this was a renowned issue in our nation but this did not stop my uncle. As I find my uncle to be a manliness person to our country, I hope that those who have met him have the same reaction.

Stephanie Perez


One thought on “Someone like Us

  1. I loved your blog Steph! I liked how you decided to write about someone from your life. It really added a personal touch which I liked reading. I also thought it was interesting how you added a video of him, and how he also attended the University of Michigan. You did a good job relating characteristics of a man to your uncle. Good work!

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