My Superman


b superman


My Superman is optimistic, ambitious and confident; he is a Hero- Millennial. “As generation type is born, matures, comes to influence in the culture, and then declines and dies, it plays a role in propelling society through a cycle of growth maturation, entropy, destruction, and then regrowth.” (McKays, 2012)

My Superman looked up to his grandfather. His grandfather was one of the few people that knew one day he would be successful. My Superman’s grandfather was apart of the nomad generation; the generation that was left behind as children to find their own norms. (McKays, 2012) My Superman’s grandfather had to grow up the fast way; He made many mistakes so he did not want his grandchildren to go through some of the same things he had to go through as a child so he did everything he could so they would not become that way. He instilled the importance of finishing things that they started. He showed them to the importance of getting an education so they will be successful in their life. Unfortunately, my Superman’s grandfather recently passed away.

At first, my Superman did not know how to handle that he would no longer be able to see his grandfather. He was use to going to his grandfather for any and everything. At one point of time, my Superman completely shut down; he did not know who he was without his grandfather. He did not want to do anything with his life anymore; he did not even want to go to college. One day, my Superman realized that his grandfather prepared him to stand up and become the man that his grandfather knew he could be. He took back control over his life and decided that he wanted to make his grandfather proud. He applied to several colleges. He continued to do all the things he loved before his grandfather died. My superman did not let the situation break him. He will be intending Eastern Michigan University in the fall and desires to pursue a career in aeronautical engineering. My Superman made mistakes but he learned from his mistakes. Robert Lewis is my Superman because of the obstacles that he went through; like many of us (millennials) have been through things and have a hard time copping, but because of our strength we manage to overcome these things.


3 thoughts on “My Superman

  1. I really enjoyed reading your blog it was very breathe taking and emotional. I was really feeling what you were feeling and that is really good if you can get your readers to feel how you felt during that time. Your blog was very structured and organized. It was a great blog.

  2. I thought it was so unique how throughout your whole blog you never mentioned the person’s name until the end, but instead called him your superman. It added a bit of mystery to your blog. I liked how you described his story. It is really inspirational and shows how no matter what you go through, you can still achieve greatness.

  3. I really enjoyed the stylistic approach you took in not revealing your hero’s name until the very end. You gave all the qualities and examples to paint a picture in our heads of who this could be and then boom, you said it. Your emotional tone was well kept and it works very well in your piece. You did fantastic. Well done.

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