Young Generation Revolution

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There is more than one generation that can forge a revolution. The common factor of both the Arab Spring and the Occupy Movement is it was all started by young people. Even though young generations start it, they need power to keep it going. The power comes from the older generations. The older generations have more power because they are more successful; have more connections, more money, and also a voice. The younger generation has a very loud voice too, they just do not have the resources to make the movement last. A successful revolution needs each generation to make a statement.

The younger generation used their resources, like social media and their voices, to be heard and to start the Arab Spring Movement. In the CNN video you see a very young generation screaming and yelling to be heard. They also had posters and there were people demanding for a democracy instead of having a dictatorship. The reporter kept on repeating on how young they were and all of the youth trying to change the government. The reporter also commented on how they were using the social media to their power to be heard. Based on the events that took place I believe that it was successful because they used everything in their power to change the government.

The Arab Spring Movement matches my family’s values. My family and I believe in democracy. We do not believe in dictatorship because we believe everybody has a voice and should be heard, not controlled. In our family, when some people do not agree on the same thing we go to the living room and talk about how we can all agree. When you do not want to attend an event you have the opportunity to explain why you do not want to attend the event. I believe that if our government did what my family does, there would not be as many fights or arguments, because it gives everybody a chance to be heard. These days, that is what the majority of people want, to be heard.

Terra Stapleton


2 thoughts on “Young Generation Revolution

  1. I really like your blog. I do agree that our generation use our voice through social media. I like the part where you said every voice should be heard not controlled because everyone has different opinions. Great job!

  2. I love how you included the use of media by younger generations then went onto including older generations and how they contribute. This was well written, great job! Also, well done on touching base with all three of the questions. I had trouble trying to answer all three questions and having a well synthesized paper, so thank you for the great example! Your last sentence was compelling. It was very intriguing. It really made a statement. Great job!

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