Viva la Revolution

Over the past few years the world has been erupting with revolution, people around the world are tired of not having their opinions heard or matter. Blue collar workers are tired of being seen as second class citizens working from dusk to dawn every day and having nothing to show for it. Their voices are being washed out, thrown to the side because to the men and women in power with money they mean nothing. Usually oppressed places like these go through entire generations of silence because to them this is a way of life. Its builds a mentality in which it is hard to see or shake through after staying that way for so long, many aren’t willing to step out an put themselves in the face of danger and say they’ve had enough. All it takes is one strong person to change the voice of them all, to change the voice of generations of people who saw no light at the end of the tunnel. Then several generations of oppression turn into one. Several generations forged a revolution because they all agree and see one goal. They understand what they’re after. Earlier generations were afraid to have their opinions heard because there weren’t many people to support them. It is usually newer generations who take a stand so that everyone who believes the cause becomes one fluent voice.
One of the most recent examples of social movement is the Arab Spring. It took place in Northern Africa and parts of the Middle East. They focused on achieving democracy for their countries. Their defining moment as a group was when they took down their dictators or harsh governments. Multiple generations in each of these countries banded together to counteract their governments. People rose up because they were tired of being held down, forced to live their lives in fear. Not every movement ended well though some resulted in civil war. Other are still developing their own meaning of democracy. There are many different situations which can yield from change. Not all end well and not everyone is for the better. I can relate to the Arab Spring because I understand what it means to voice an opinion. I see the Arab Spring as a call from Middle Eastern nations for change, and what I’ve learned about change is that it is the one thing in the world that will remain constant because people always have hope and determination.


5 thoughts on “Viva la Revolution

  1. I enjoyed reading your blog because everyone opinion should be valued. I like the part where you talked about several generations forges a revolution because generations who take a stand becomes one fluent voice. Great job!

  2. Your blog was really compelling. The introduction had a lot of bold statements which I thought helped people actually realize the importance of this subject. I also liked the comparison between generations, and how the newer generation forces people to hear their voices; they don’t take no for an answer. I liked how you described that the people of Arab Spring, “Rose up because they were tired of being held down,” I could really picture it. Good job on your blog!

  3. LOVE IT! We have the same idea when it comes to who forges a revolution. Also. metaphor you used when describing the Arab Spring was amazing. Great use of imagery.

  4. Your blog was great to read because i agree everybody voices matters and should be valued not just a certain amount. Sometimes it takes force to be heard if you have never been heard. You used a great examples in your blog really enjoyed reading your blog.

  5. I also did The Arab Spring movement and I agree what you had to say. I would feel the exact same way if I was being treated as a second class citizen. Everyone deserves to be treated equally, and this situation is no different. My favorite part about your blog is how u said that they took down the leaders and dictators. That is what’s makes this movement a success as a whole.

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