The Generation Revolution

Kylier Love


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 A revolution is defined as a sudden, extreme, or complete change in the way people live, work, etc. Revolutions have been apart of every generation for a long time. One little spark can start something big. For example, in a video a man was outside dancing his heart out without making it look too awkward. Someone sees the guys and joins in on the fun. Over the course of a minute, more people join until an entire crowd is in on the action. Somebody would say that the person who stared dancing like he didn’t have a care was the leader. If you think about it, the first volunteer is the true leader in this case. His little “spark” started a wildfire of a revolution (TED).


            In September 2011, a group of protesters came together to voice their opinion about how the economy is in favor of the rich. One of the protesters was quoted saying, “Something needs to change. We need an economy for the people and by the people, not for the rich and by the rich.”(CNN) I agree with that statement. During my 18 years on this planet, I’ve noticed that those who make maybe $500,000 or more have a less tax break than those who do not have a six-figure salary. It’s sad that everyone else has to suffer in this bad economy.


            It all began with a meeting to talk about the goals at the Wall Street Bull. Eventually, the meeting at the Wall Street Bull turned into an uproar that created traffic in the streets. According to CNN, the Occupy Movement was modeled after the “Arab Spring” movement. When something does not feel right, it’s a person right to voice their opinion and say what the problem is.


            To answer the question: Is it one generation or several that forges a revolution? My response, Protests are apart of our culture and generation. Whether they work or not, people still get out there and get their message across to those that are willing to at least hear them out. Generations before me have created the most memorable revolutions that people know about to this day. The most famous revolution: The civil right movement. It caught people’s attention and soon the whole nation had known about it through television and radio. If you were to know about a revolution today, a person could read about it on their Facebook or twitter feed or an online newspaper.


            To be honest, I had forgotten about the Occupy Wall Street Movement until I saw the video about it earlier this week. I remember hearing, watching, and reading about it on all the major news outlets at the time. Twitter was in an uproar with the hashtags: #OccupyWallStreet and #TakeWallStreet (CNN). One Occupy protester, Mark Bray, said that the movement “was about creating vision of a different world. A world where people actually have their needs met. A humane society.” (Pepitone) So whatever became of OM? Well, all of the people that were involved left because of evictions and time. Maybe someday in the future, generations will live in a world where everyone has their needs met. Until that day comes, we’ll have to handle this world one day at a time.




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One thought on “The Generation Revolution

  1. I thought this was well written. There were only a few minor errors like misspelled words, but we all have that happen to us! This was an easy read, I didn’t have to read it twice to understand what you were saying. It captivated my interest, so well done! Your intro was captivating as well. I love that you started the essay off with the example from class. By your use of that I knew exactly what you were talking about and there was no confusion. I absolutely LOVED your last sentence. It really had an impact. It left me thinking like Alexie Shermans last sentence in “SuperMan and Me” had. Great job!

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