The 99%

Bold was the willingness for them to say what needed to be said, no matter who it might have offended or upset. Persistent was their relentlessness to fight for justice. Fearless was because they were unafraid of the obstacles they might have come across or the consequences they might receive. All of these words come to mind when I think of the protesters who contributed to the Occupy Movement.

Revolutions typically do not happen over night. They usually start as a “spark” in the form of a social or political problem that many people dislike. And over many years and many generations the spark is blown and the fire gradually grows. And once the fire is in full-fledged an uprising begins. The Occupy Movement was one of the few protests that had a personal and direct impact on my life. This protest was also the first time that I realized I am among the 99 percent. I remember learning about it in my civics and economics class. My teacher Mr. Boyer made it where I could understand they key issues that were at hand. He explained to me that the movement was to fight against the economic inequality this country faces. These protests became so well known, that it spread across to many major cities in the United Sates.

By following the events of the Occupy Movement, I was able to better my understanding of the issues many individuals have with America’s values. Income inequality is on the rise in the United States. Everyday the rich are becoming richer, while the poor becomes poorer. The government is suppose to be for the people, by the people, but they are only supporting the one percent. You would think that with all of these protests going around, the government would try to resolve the issue. Of course, that wasn’t the case. Most people think of America as the “promise land”, but in reality we are just as screwed up as every other country.

Whether you agree or disagree with their motives, you still cannot deny the fact that these individuals had the courage to protest towards powerful people just so their voices could be heard. They took all their drive and passion to speak up against our government system to tell them, “You can’t keep treating us this way.” They endured police brutality, were pepper sprayed in the face, and many were convicted of crimes they did not commit. However, they still never lost hope. As the upcoming generation, it is now our job to take a stand and make a difference, to show the government they cannot keep taking advantage of their people.


4 thoughts on “The 99%

  1. I really enjoyed your blog. The introduction made a bold statement, which was a good attention grabber. I really liked how you related a revolution to a fire. The sentence that really drew my attention was when you said, “And once the fire is in full-fledged an uprising begins.” This adds good visualization to your blog. Also, I liked how you had a personal experience with the Occupy Movement, and how you realized you’re part of the 99%. It gave your blog a more personal feel, which I really enjoyed. Nice work!

  2. Awesome blog post, scrolling through these blogs yours grabbed my attention the most. It has great visuals. I was literally creating vivid pictures of what you were talking about in my brain. More and more people need to realize they are part of the 99% of this country because the 1% controls everything. We think the government controls everything but money creates power and when you put a large portion of power into 1% of this countries hands they can become very dangerous to us 99%. I agree, we need a revolution and we need one now!

  3. I really thought your blog spoke beyond the truth. I also liked how you emphasized that people who are rich become richer and those who are poor become even more poor. Its harsh to say but its the world we leave in and not that many people want to face the the truth. It was great see that you wrote about those who actually want to make a statement in the world and be heard. I really like your blog and how you incorporated both sides of the spectrum.

  4. Your blog was very insightful and I can see where you are coming from. My dad used to say “the rich get richer and the poor get poorer” all the time to me but I never really understood what he was saying. People have to stand up because the government and 1% of wealthy Americans are being greedy with money. The government isn’t doing any favors by allowing the wealthy to get off easy on taxes. Nice article

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