Movements Create a Voice

Each generation has something to bring forth, something that will make a mark in history. Any action that a group of people also considered as a generation in my opinion can make a great change in our society. I personally consider my generation to be active, strong, hardworking, and open people to change. As the large group that we have, we also have our voices to be heard. The larger the group, the more we are heard, the more we make our statement powerful. It doesn’t take too much effort to create a revolution; you just need a group of people who support your opinion or topic.

As seen in the video it didn’t take much effort to create a movement or a revolution. The question that we should be asking ourselves is how a revolution or movement is created? Is a revolution created from previous generations and if so in what part are they contributing? Is it one generation that creates a revolution and are we capable of such a thing? All these are good questions that we should take into consideration. I personally feel that if a revolution takes place during this generation it includes us in addition to ideas from previous generations. Revolutions don’t just come out of nowhere; they have to have some background to why it was created. This is why previous generations must be a key factor to revolutions today and possibly in the future. Any movement that is created has a purpose. As mentioned in Bill Moyer’s article, “The power of movements is directly proportional to the forcefulness with which the grassroots exert their discontent and demand change.” (Moyer, 1987).

A very simple yet complex situation is one that Derek Sivers refers to as he gives his speech. Derek mentions that to start a movement you need a leader and “a leader needs the guts to stand out and be ridiculed”, (Sivers, 2010). Once someone takes the initiative, there are those who follow and in time creates a movement. Something important that must be met in order to officially have a movement is to make it public. Some of these movements can have an inspirational effect on my family and me. If the movement deals with something that I can see myself becoming a part then I am in total agreement with any movement occurring. This is only my personal view on movements in general, they really do not affect my family’s values or mine in anyway; others may disagree.


Stephanie Perez


3 thoughts on “Movements Create a Voice

  1. I first like how you used a video as your visual. I agree with when you said it takes more than just one generation to be involved with a revolution.. However, I do think that it takes a lot to make a movement because you have to have people willing to listen and agree with you.

  2. Very powerful video attached to you blog. We cannot just attack these problems as a millennial generation we must attack these issues with every generation hand in hand and ready to fight. 99% of this country disagrees with only 1%. We have numbers and numbers create power, but is our numbers more powerful than all the money power the 1% has? I don’t know but I would take my chances.

  3. The use of this powerful video was a great idea! It captivated your readers interest as if it were a intriguing introduction, so well done! I think your blog was well written. It was very understanding. I think overall your blog was well synthesized, it flowed very well. I also like that you didn’t separate the three questions into separate paragraphs. By doing so it allowed readers to read along as if it were an easy read, and those are my favorite readings! Nice job! This was a very good read, so thank you!

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