Mind Over Matter


When I think of revolution, I think of change; a change so significant that it starts a movement. Many movements start with a single individual, and develop over time into a larger group. I believe someone can make an impact on the world if they are passionate, determined, and hard working. Characteristics like this describe a leader, but it takes more than one person to make something happen; that’s where the followers come in. However, the word follower can have a bad reputation. In our society, it’s sometimes considered as being unoriginal, but in all actuality, followers are what start a movement. Movements create noise throughout the world, and as they grow they turn into a revolution.

I believe that one generation has the power to start a revolution. Our generation, for instance, has had the opportunity to learn from past generations’ movements. We are considered the technological generation. We grew up in the era of technology, and we use that at our advantage. A prime example of this is social media. Social media has allowed us the ability to communicate globally, and express our beliefs and opinions of issues around the world. There are a countless number of organizations all over social networks. Our generation knows the ins and outs of social media and we use that to our advantage, especially when we start something so powerful as a revolution. An article entitled, “Millennials: Confident. Connected. Open to Change” mentioned that, “It’s not just their gadgets—it’s the way they’ve fused their social lives into them.” (PewResearch Social & Demographic Trends) We have changed the world so much already, and I really do believe if we set our minds to it, that we could start a revolution.

The protest of Arab Spring is a great example that expresses being pursuant on something you are passionate about to make a change. The visual representation was when the young fruit seller boy set himself on fire. He was willing to give up his life for something bigger than he was. He was looked at as a leader because he took a stance, and died over it. His death caused a chain reaction throughout the youth. They came together as one coherent unit to protest youth unemployment. This has strong relation to my family values. My family believes that if you are interested and are passionate about something, then go for it, whatever it may be. Personally, I’m the type of person that will set my mind to something and go full force. I dedicate all my time and effort into accomplishing that task, just like the youth from Arab Spring. They set out with a goal in mind, and won’t stop till they succeed.

– Bree Marich


2 thoughts on “Mind Over Matter

  1. I agree with everything you said in your blog it was very structured and organized. I loved reading it and you are right things are always changing when it comes to revolution.

  2. I really enjoyed the point you made about followers building the change in the world that creates a domino effect movement. It flowed really well and I didn’t feel like I was trying to read another blog, my eyes just glided across my screen. Very refreshing and creative.

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