Are We Helping or Hurting the Revolution?

               Based on the Occupy Wall Street video, I can tell that it takes a multitude of generations to forge a revolution. In the Occupy Wall Street video, I saw that youth such as teenagers as well as young adults and even older people protesting on Wall Street. The reason being members of many generations have been impacted by the issue. In this case, I believe that it is not better to have members from many generations to make the protest more effective and successful. The youth of this generation do not know how to correctly handle challenging issues. In my opinion, having large amounts of  today’s youth in this specific movement is only leading the movement closer and closer to failure. The Occupy Wall Street movement went on for a while; however, the participants still cannot seem to form a functional “relationship” with the authorities. We know that it isn’t the senior citizens that are acting against the authorities. That being said, it can only be the younger people who are causing the authorities act the way they did. Although the Occupy Wall Street movement did not have much success, the ideas that came with the movement were very agreeable.

               The ideas of the Occupy Movement are ideas that I completely agree with. One of the ideas that the Occupy Wall Street Movement ha was that, with enough people, “working people could govern a metropolis along democratic lines” (Jones 1). To me, that means that the people of today had the power to control their own lives rather than have them controlled by the  government. That is super important because ,in my mind, it shows that the people does not necessarily have to depend on the government. They can do their own thing. But they must work for it first, which leads into another idea that I agree with.  To get what you want, you must WORK for it. Nothing will be given to you unless you are a spoiled brat that gets everything you ever ask for, which would only make you lazy and extremely unprepared for the real world.  The movement showed the citizens protesting and causing some form of trouble to get Wall Street’s attention so they could get what they felt they deserved. They went against authorities numerous times to get what they wanted. They worked hard and even risked going to jail to get what they felt they deserved as citizens.



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a_peaceful_revolution_by_xomanderz-d4chopz  .


2 thoughts on “Are We Helping or Hurting the Revolution?

  1. I like your blog because you had a different view of the occupy movement then me. I do agree that you have to work for whatever you want in life but some people work hard but still doesn’t get the opportunity to get what they want. I also like your ending. Great job!

  2. It takes a lot to get things done. But if you have that strong support then something good will come out of it. The Occupy Movement proves that. People of different generations came together because of a common interest. Nice pic by the way.

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