A Chance for Change



wall street


The Occupy Wall Street Movement was extremely influential and up taking. It started off as a magazine add sending a message and drew a couple people, then a couple more, then a couple more, until eventually it was thousands of people. Similarly to the video by Derek Silver, it only takes a brave follower to start what could be the beginning of a revolution. In the Occupy Wall Street video, it was one generation that created this revolution. Although it was people from all over the world of different ages, it was the people in that generation that started the movement and made a difference in the world.

Nick Espinosa stated, “A movement that hopes to take on the wealthiest and most powerful forces in the history of the world must be as uncompromising with its objectives as it is pragmatic with its tactics. The tendencies toward purism within the Occupy movement do not serve its goals of changing the balance of power between the haves and the have-nots.” The idea of the Occupy Wall Street Movement was that there is a huge gap of income, that 99% of the world isn’t making nearly as much as the other 1%. The idea was to start a movement and make their voices heard, by occupying Wall Street where high-class individuals usually are (the 1%). Successes that they had were the persistence and ability to reach a national level. Pretty soon Obama was aware, celebrities were joining the movement, and this movement was even starting to happen in other countries. It reached a global level. Failures that took place would be their inability to withstand the law and the police. The final outcome of this movement failed. Nothing was changed, although this problem created social awareness.

My family definitely values equality, we would definitely support this movement. The way many people went about the movement is a little bit risky, it seemed obvious that it would eventually die out and there wasn’t enough support. Political power is extremely strong in the world and can have a huge advantage when it comes to money, and my family is definitely against the use of politics over people. We would be supporters of the Occupy Movement but I don’t think we would ever make the trip to Manhattan and stand in the crowd waiting to get tear gassed by the police in order to make a difference that most likely would never happen. The idea of equality sounds nice, but the likeliness of it happening is very slim in today’s world, and I think my family is realists as well as supporting equality.

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Kendall Kramer


4 thoughts on “A Chance for Change

  1. I like how you compared the Occupy Movement to the Derek Siver video. I also like how you gave your personal feelings towards the movement. I also appreciate your views on equality in America.

  2. Great blog post, I think we all have the same view point on this issue as you do. We musty take a stand against the 1% of this country but how do we do it is the big question? Watching in the video of the 1% standing on the balcony laughing at the people during their movement on wall street just shows how greedy and money motivated they are. Money has power and power in the wrong persons hands is more than dangerous.

  3. I agree with you on how it takes one brave person to create a revolution. In addition to this, the Occupy Wall Street movement did make a great impact on the world. I really enjoyed reading your blog especially the part where you talk about your family’s value. I totally agree with you on wanting equality in anything that it might be; great blog.

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