The Faults in Gilded Cultures

One of the most sensitive household topics of recent, is the death of Floridian teenager, Trayvon Martin. There are countless news stories, opinions and questions circulating about the scenario, and what the scenario reflects about our culture, both past and present. Of all questions asked, many of them are sung to a similar tune. A case of unfortunate death of a teen who lived a tragic life was adopted and ran with by every kind of media that could get any information, both credible and non-credible, on the case. A neighborhood watch participant was assaulted and reacted with the resources on hand. The unfortunate consequence, is that one resources was a hand gun, and the assaulter was unarmed. It’s unfortunate that the occurrence had such extreme consequences, but what is even more unfortunate is how poorly the situation was reacted to. The media photos of the second victim, were of the teenager, many years before the incident, and somehow almost all of the photos of the injuries to the first victim, “didn’t make the cut” to be broadcast across the nation. You didn’t blink, 182 of the previous words written here, do not once mention anything of race, religion, gender, sexual orientation or any other potential social prejudices. A very sad and sobering related fact is that children are murdered everyday in the United States, but when the reasons behind the murders are thought to be anything to do with race, the media erupts. There are riots, social chaos, lines are drawn, people take sides, and people take sides on taking sides. Eventually, true cultures are masked by popularity, and social acceptability is measured by success in the wrong direction. Articles from sources like the Wall Street journal question not why we care so much about race, but why we care so much about when certain things happen to certain races. An article from the independent journal did the opposite of what most media outlets did. They played the same game of using images, but they show the assailant from photos recent and relevant to the case, rather than those of him as a young innocent child. The photos told a different story, but it is much harder to lie with photos than with headlines. The source of information doesn’t matter, if the story being told is always the same because right or wrong, the story that is a minority, just by being different.


3 thoughts on “The Faults in Gilded Cultures

  1. I really admire your point of view pertaining to this particular subject. I love the sources that you used in your blog entry. I really like the part about the wall street journal questioning why we care so much about when certain things happen to certain races. I find that to be really intriguing because I never looked at it in that way. I also admired the part where you talked how they would show the assailant from the photos recent but not as an innocent child. I thought you did a really good job of connecting the sources to your pint of view.

  2. I agree with the previous comment. I think you did a wonderful job of giving your perspective with being critical in a negative light. It was a very productive analysis. Thanks for sharing with us, Sam

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