Terra Stapleton

In the Trayvon Martin articles, there are many questions that are posed when reading these articles. One of my questions is why would Zimmerman pick Martin out to follow? Another question is why was the jury all women, and why were there five white women and one minority? Other questions I have are how did Zimmerman get all of his injuries; why did Zimmerman continue to follow Martin when the cops told him not to follow; and why is one article more biased than the other when they are giving the same information? These questions have themes in common. For example, all of my 5 questions have missing information. Another theme in common is race. For race, the CNN article comments on the fact that there were five white women and only one minority woman on the jury (Botelho & Yan). In the Guardian article, they talked about a movie that was very similar to the Trayvon case except that it was a white cop instead of a Latino man (Child).

I do not feel like the inquiries and actions are being staged in the public discourse around this situation. The way the articles represent the questions and the actions of the event are biased and are missing information. For example, the Guardian article says, “Jordan said he almost cancelled an appearance at a sold-out screening at Los Angeles at the weekend following the news of Zimmerman’s acquittal”(Child). This shows that Jordan thought Zimmerman was guilty and it was about racial profiling. To compare it to the CNN article, it was less biased than the Guardian article. It was harder to tell which side the CNN article was on. They are both missing information, but it could be a good thing to get people to ask questions.I believe the most compelling question persuant to the verdict is not did he kill him; the question is why did Zimmerman kill him?

In the short story by Sherman Alexie, the stereotypes between the Martin case and the short story Superman and Me are negative beliefs on minorities. Some of these stereotypes are that they are lazy, not smart, and they will not add up to be anything in life. They both show that beliefs that people have about minorities really have an impact on these minorities’ lives.


3 thoughts on “Stereotypes

  1. I understand your opinion. I think the racism factor definitely held a huge role in this case. I feel that if trayvon was white, there would have been a lot more uproar and Zimmerman would have been found guilty in a second and all this would have been over in a matter of days and justice would be served.

  2. Your questions pertaining to the case make complete sense. And Evan is completely right. If the victim was white, Zimmerman would definitely be in jail right now. Seeing as though majority of the jury were white women, they probably heard the description of Trayvon an thought to themselves “He does sound dangerous”. Their reaction, in their mind, justified Zimmerman’s action. But in reality, nothing really justifies what Zimmerman did. He did not have a actual reason to shoot Trayvon.

  3. I actually learned a lot from reading your blog. I did not know that the jury was all women. I also liked how you compared this situation to Sherman article. I also believe that people stick negative stereotypes against minorities.

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