Self Defense Or Nah?

Brady Pallante
Blog #3
Marcy Epstein
Trayvon Martin Killed by George Zimmerman

By no way in any shape or form was justice served in this awful incident. Zimmerman free of charge and protective service? If he was truly innocent then he would not have to do that. So while Trayvon Martin is gone forever George gets to continue his life while being completely protected. We as a society I believe we have gotten away from serving was is true justice to this country. We are more worried about what the political effects will be of the outcome. Well in my opinion if Zimmerman was found guilty and sentenced 25 to life I can promise you there would not be and controversy over the courts decision.
Coming from the state of Florida I understand that we are protected by may self defense laws that state in similar words that if we feel threatened then we are allowed to attack pleading self defense. Well lets look back at the case. George Zimmerman called 911 reporting of a suspicious man. While this phone call was made young Trayvon Martin was on the phone with his girlfriend and she testified that while they were on the phone Trayvon said to her that he was being followed. In my opinion if I am being followed then I am feeling threaten therefore Trayvon even though had smashed Zimmerman’s head against the ground was just protecting himself out of feeling threatened. While Zimmerman was on the phone with 911 the operator asked if he was following the suspicious person he was reporting and on record the operator stated to Zimmerman that following the suspicious target was unnecessary. So George Zimmerman was completely in the wrong not only shooting Trayvon but for going against the operators orders. I mean come on everyone its a gated community and Geaorge Zimmerman is just a neighborhood watchman. Trayvon Martin was not picking a fight with George until he had felt threatened and that is when the fight broke out. So here we have on both sides a case of self defense. George Zimmerman simply instigated a problem with Trayvon Martin and Trayvon Martin reacted in self defense feeling threatened.

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6 thoughts on “Self Defense Or Nah?

  1. You did an excellent job on explaining your side and why you believe your opinion to be true. I like how you use your own voice and style because whenever I read your blogs I can always tell you put strong emotion in your writing. It didn’t sound bland or boring, it sounded like someone who truly cares about the case, and I can also tell you did good research in forming your opinion. Most of all what I liked about your post was how you made the point that if Zimmerman was convicted, then the controversy over this case (race) wouldn’t be nearly as big as it is. Great job!

  2. i completely agree Brady. I think that justice wasn’t served in this case and i believe that everyone else in the world realizes it. The issue with this case is that the prosecution went for the maximum penalty then tried to change it mid trail. You aren’t allowed to do this and i think if they didn’t change this i think that they would have won and justice would have been served and Zimmerman wouldn’t be walking the streets as a free man today.

  3. I’m with you on this topic 100%. Zimmerman was way out of line for his actions and he had no authority to continue to pursue Trayvon. No matter the political repercussions of the situation that people may have foresaw, there would have been no backlash for a guilty verdict. Trayvon and his family deserved far more justice than they received. I appreciate the way you view the situation and I have very similar views.

  4. I like the title and the photo you used. Zimmerman was way out of line for pursuing Trayvon. If I was in Trayvon’s shoes and someone was following me, I would use self-defense to protect myself. Had he just listened to the 911 operator, Trayvon would still be alive today. It’s sad that cases like Trayvon Martin’s leaves families angered and losing hope. Thanks for sharing both sides of self defense.

  5. Your blog was great to read. I loved it. I totally agree that Zimmerman was in the wrong before he shot Trayvon. Zimmerman should have been sent to jail for following when they told him on the phone NOT to. I would have done the same thing Trayvon did because I would feel threatened, too. Besides that, your blog had many great facts about both sides and it shows that you are on Trayvon’s side. I loved reading your blog and I agree it was self defense.

  6. I agree he was completely out of Line for pursuing Trayvon. I personally believe, like I stated in my own blog that there was a lot more then meet the eye in the terms of this case. Everything felt to cut and dry but at the end of the day the evidence is what points to freedom. But you can’t always look at the cut and dry facts.

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