Man v Man

Trayvon Martin’s Mom To Struggling Students: You Are Special


Man v Man

Many people have publicized their opinions on the case of Trayvon Martin.  Some questions focusing on the more humanitarian aspects of the case while others focused on what the media may or may not have embellished.  All of this accumulates into one jumbled mess of speculation and confusion; no one is truly clear of what the evidence is.  I feel that there is no right question to ask because there is only one remaining witness to provide answers. However, if Trayvon did survive, I believe there would be a lot more facts to be considered than what has been assumed.


What happened? This was the most asked question out of them all. Also, one of the most nebulously answered question. Martin and Zimmerman were the only ones who could state what truly happened. Due to Martin’s death, there is only one side to the story. The other half of the story, possibly rich with facts and evidence, is buried along with Martin, never to be unearthed.


Why wasn’t Zimmerman arrested? Based on the police department’s policy and Florida Law, Zimmerman wasn’t arrested duo to his occupation as neighborhood watch. Defended by the “stand your ground law,” states if he the shooter feels his life is threatened, he is legally allowed to shoot as selfdefense (The Associated Press, Trayvon Martin case: Questions, answers and facts). 


Guest poster for the New York Times, Anthony Turner shared his thoughts about the Trayvon Martin case in his article,  Trayvon Martin, Unarmed and Innocent. Turner begged the larger question of the societal reality of what a young black male has to do to survive in our world today.  As stated in his article, “This brings up a lot of questions: When does an innocent high school student become “intimidating,” “threatening” or “suspicious”? How intimidating can someone be with a few munchies in their hand, just walking down the street? If you’re a black kid with a hoodie, is it immediately assumed that you’re “bad” or a “troublemaker”? Would things have been different if Martin was a white kid strolling down the street or if he had been dressed differently?”(Turner, Trayvon Martin, Unarmed and Innocent).  The fact that Turner feels this way is very upsetting; it is twenty-first century and there is still animosity between what we call races.  Humanity is diminishing itself duo to these issues. When will we realize this underrated issue is real and this is the very thing standing in our way of progressing as a whole, as countries and communities?  Turner shared a personal event where he was “intimidated” and made a profound closing statement, “But I never thought: ‘You know what would make New York a safer, more fair place to live? A law that would allow me to carry around a gun and shoot anyone who makes me feel intimidated’”(Turner, Trayvon Martin, Unarmed and Innocent).








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5 thoughts on “Man v Man

  1. Great essay! I think your essay was well written. Including the background information was very effective especially because I know nothing about this case. The last sentence in paragraph two affected my emotional response and effectively enhanced your argument. Also, well done on the use of logical appeal. I find an essay with logical evidence very effective. Your use of diction was also effective, great job! The only thing I noticed wrong was the word “duo”, I think you meant “due”, but other than that terrific essay!

  2. Great blog! But I completely agree with Turner. Trayvon was murdered, basically, because of his clothing. Since when does clothing determine whether or not a person is dangerous? It is beyond ridiculous how the “stand your ground” law allows a person to shoot at a person if they are feeling intimidated. If simple intimidation justifies shooting someone, like you said, as a country and as a community, we will never progress.

  3. Your blog was great to read and very structured. You had a very refreshing argument for the emotions that went with the case. I think that what you wrote shows that you are on Trayvon’s side. I totally agree with you because I think that people do judge by what people wear, not just their race. I think that is judgmental and it is not fair to look at someone and assume things about them. Great job on your blog!!!!!

  4. I love your blog! I like the part when you talked about humanity and progressing as a whole. I admire how you asked questions. I feel like the questions really engaged me. Nice use of vocabulary. I love your sources and I think you did a nice job connecting it to your blog. Nice Job!

  5. Great blog post. I understand and believe turners perspective. I haven’t picked and side of the case but I still do not understand why he felt as if he was being threaten. Trayvon clearly posed no threat to him and was minding his own business from what the case evidence says.

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