My Perspective

tumblr_m240b7v3r71rt6m3po1_500The case of Trayvon Martin was a very controversial case that took place in the US. The case detailed of a seventeen year old boy who was walking home at night on February 26, 2012, with his hooded sweatshirt on in Sanford, Florida. A neighborhood watchman in the area named George Zimmerman believed there was a suspicious character outside of his home, so he decided to investigate and follow Martin. Zimmerman tailed young Martin for blocks while he phoned the police.  The police operator on the line warned Mr. Zimmerman to leave the so called “suspicious character” alone. He disobeyed the policeman’s orders and continued his investigation. Zimmerman confronted young Martin and in the tussle fired upon him. Police arrested Zimmerman, however then later released him due to the fact that he was defending himself. The case went to trial and the jury later decided that Zimmerman was ‘ not guilty’. Throughout the case the media’s inputs and opinions had a larger effect on the outcome of the trial then it should have. The media started their own rumors and spread the news across the nation. The Trayvon Martin case had huge effect on people all around the US. 


Social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, and personal blogs have held controversial conversations by their users. Users of Facebook created multiple groups to help support the families of Trayvon Martin and George Zimmerman. Users of Twitter posted supporting tweets or pictures to help spread the awareness of the case. Users posted their opinions, and support to spread awareness and the reality of the grim world. Using social networks the people posted questions about the case. Questions like “How was George Zimmerman acquitted? Why didn’t he follow police instructions to stay put after the incident? How can George Zimmerman shoot an innocent teen?” These questions have some arguable answers. Most of the supporters of the case were on the side of Trayvon Martin. However these supporters do not read all the facts. What they don’t understand is “How was George Zimmerman acquitted?” The police report shows that Martin and Zimmerman had a physical altercation before the shooting. In court, the prosecutor did not have enough evidence to prove that Zimmerman shot an innocent boy. The facts show that Martin played his part in the altercation, which gave Zimmerman a reason to shoot Trayvon in self-defense based on “fear of life.” In the Florida criminal justice “fear of life” is a very difficult to prosecute defendants under. Yes, I believe that it is our right as American citizens to feel safe and comfortable in our own domains. But in the case of Zimmerman I believe that he took advantage of what the law protects. When that right is violated, we have a right to defend ourselves but within certain jurisdictions. Facts like these are ones that supporters of Trayvon Martin ignore. I’d like to stay neutral in this case, even though I am in no way shape or form in support of Andrew Zimmerman. It’s very hard to prove against what the law states is correct. In my personal opinion even hearing about this case disappoints me deeply, but it also says a lot more than the facts on the surface. I’ve learned from this case and other case situations like this that the law and justice system can’t always be seen from a black and white perspective. There are many tones of grey hidden in there as well. 


2 thoughts on “My Perspective

  1. When reading your blog I can tell that you researched the topic. I like how you gave a synopsis of the case in the beginning of your blog. You are also the first person who has not taken a side on the case.

  2. Really like your post Juwann, you didn’t take a side you simply stated the facts of the case and let people choose a side for themselves. All the facts speak for themselves. We have a race problem in this country there is no question about that.

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