Blind Justice

blind justice

     The Trayvon Martin incident is one of the most captivating court-cases in recent memory. The situation cuts into the core of America’s values and caused citizens to reflect on their morals and values meticulously. Such a cold-blooded murder similar in nature to the Trayvon Martin case would be an obvious murder right? Wrong, and when the verdict came back I was highly upset. I couldn’t imagine how anyone could see the situation any differently.

While searching the internet to try and make sense of what was happening, I came across some of the various reasons some people found Trayvon guilty. Some of Trayvon’s critics pointed to his social media pages on Twitter and Facebook to say why he was guilty. His tattoos and gold teeth found on these sites could make him look like a suspicious target some argued. Others stated that he had various profanity laced tweets and was prone to violence. Or the fact that he was found with an empty marijuana bag on him so he was possibly high. I find all of these arguments highly irrelevant when a life is taken for no reason at all. Zimmerman was able to be found not guilty on the “stand your ground” laws but he was in the wrong because he pursued the issue. He was told repeatedly to stay in the car by police officers but even still he decided to pursue the matter further. Trayvon was simply protecting himself and was then murdered in cold blood by his own attacker.

Many say the case doesn’t come down to race but I would have to beg to differ. Martin was targeted for simply being an African-American youth walking down the street. Last I recall segregation was abolished in the South and blacks were allowed to walk wherever they pleased. The case really touched me because I can identify with Martin and we were born almost exactly a year apart. He was just on the phone walking to the corner store to get an Arizona and candy, while on the phone with his girl and as innocent as it may seem he was still target for violence because he “fits the description” and was wearing a hoodie. I have done the exact same thing countless of times and it just shocks me that being put in his shoes Zimmerman could have targeted me as well. Zimmerman was far out of line with his act of vigilante justice and he should have just turned around when the police told him to. I must admit that I was originally misinformed and thought he was Caucasian male before I was told of his Latino decent. This still didn’t change the fact of the way he was viewed by a jury of his peers.

What this tells me is that the racial issue is deeper than just black and white but some sort of color issue that I can’t really wrap my mind around. Whatever the case may be Trayvon Martin and his family received no form of justice out of the situation. Trayvon lost his life, a mother and father lost their son, and a brother and sister lost their sibling. The American justice system is flawed and the Martin family and countless other families have come out on the losing side. Until justice is viewed in the proper light cases will often be determined by a blind justice system. A system that seems to see color as a proper metric for justice, blind to more important issues.


3 thoughts on “Blind Justice

  1. Nice interpretation of the death of Trayvon and Zimmerman’s case. I noticed that you mentioned that you have to look up information which is great because you back up your blog with all sorts of credible resources. I too did not have much knowledge of Zimmerman’s case until I had to write a blog on it. I like the fact that you made a statement on how are judged by there apperance. I am in total agreement with you because even if one has tattoos or something like that people do not know the real them until they have personally meet them. As you mentioned it is not just Trayvon’s family that has gone through a situation like this but other families with the addition of blind justice.

  2. Blind justice will never go away. It causes heartache on families like Trayvon’s. I remember that part about the police telling him to stay away and that they will handle it. I could not imagine being in the family’s shoes. They lost a son and a brother. Trayvon never did anything to anyone and yet he’s dead because of a man’s prejudice mindset. That verdict should of have came out differently. I liked how you mentioned why people would make Trayvon out to be the guilty party. How could they put the blame on Trayvon? He was only trying to protect himself. Someone should have went out there and helped him escape his attacker.

  3. Great blog! I thought it was great how you talked about how other families have been impacted by blind justice. I also liked how you talked about how other people viewed the case and how they told themselves that Trayvon was the guilty one in the case. The reasons why people could have found Trayvon guilty are ludicrous. In what world does cursing in a tweet make a person dangerous? Since when does being high justify getting murdered? Those people who could even think of Trayvon Martin as being the guilty one in this case should just give up on their arguments because they are talking complete nonsense.

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