Tragedies in the World


     Social media is a great source, because it lets us know what is happening around the world as we speak. During this generation, many people use more technology to look up current events rather than read a newspaper. I personally did not know what had occurred with Zimmerman’s case until today. Yes I use social media sites or apps, but my attention inclines more toward other things instead of news. I thought Zimmerman’s case was very intriguing for the fact that I knew many questions would arise. Zimmerman’s case according to the CNN article I read went on for seventeen months (Bothelo, 2013). Many people proposed different questions, but they all fell under a certain category. The categories I found within people’s questions were race and if Zimmerman was found guilty or not guilty. From my point of view, I believe that the inquiries that are being staged by the public discourse are on point. Many of these questions have been displayed in one way or another and therefore must have some significance to it.

Some of the questions that are brought up must be reinforced with actual data or facts in order to make a statement. What would have happened if Zimmerman did not get out of the car as he was instructed by a police attendant through the phone?  Since Zimmerman approached Trayvon, shouldn’t he have been blamed for causing this event to take place? Who was indeed the attacker or the defender? There are so many questions taking place and opinions sprouting though. I did research on this case and I would be against Zimmerman. Zimmerman was found not guilty, but a question still stands out. Zimmerman reported to CNN that “I was attacked and was defending himself because Trayvon was banging my head on the pavement” (Botelho, 2013). Yet when I saw pictures of Zimmerman during the court sessions, he showed no signs on injury. I believe that this case made a statement to the world; let your voices be heard. In regards to Zimmerman’s case the reading I read was Superman and Me by Sherman Alexie ties into it perfectly. This short story ties into Zimmerman’s case, because Alexie shows how he stood up for what he believed in. Alexie demonstrated that he was capable of anything that he proposed himself to do. Alexie was illiterate and now he is a well know writer by many individuals, he became the superman that he described in his story. Just as Alexie stood up for himself so did Trayvon’s family in trying to find out the real story behind his death. Everyone wants their voices to be heard, especially if it might make a difference in society.

Stephanie Perez


One thought on “Tragedies in the World

  1. I thought your blog was interesting about how you didn’t really know all about the case, but by way of social media you learned more about it. I think that’s a prime example of how our generation learns about the news. Also, I liked how you mentioned your own question that you had. This just shows that people still have questions about this case. I think your last sentence was one of your strong points. It wrapped up everything you were talking about into one sentence.

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