Millennial Generation



           Growing up in the millennial age allowed me to understand a lot of people believe that we are screwed as a generation. Kotkin believes that student debt and the job rates for our generation are beyond lousy. The average student is $25,000 in debt or more. I believe that I’ve set myself aside from our generation for a few reasons. I won’t be in massive amounts of debt after I graduate college because I go to school on a scholarship. Second, I have a chance at having a job that pays millions of dollars by working as a professional athlete. Thompson gives another perspective, by suggesting that the millennial generation is more self-centered because we’re not concerned with the health of the world. We are more concerned with our own personal gains and interests. We haven’t shown much effort when it comes to helping the rest of the world. I understand the meaning of self-sacrifice because I’m used to performing on team. This separates me from a lot of my generation because most of my generation believes what they know is always correct. They are stubborn and unwilling to takes criticism. But at the same time I can relate because I also fall into some of these faults. For example, I don’t really care about politics and I care to an extent about what happens in the world. More often than not I find myself to be concerned with video games like Battlefield 4 and UFC, television, and obviously football. Especially now that I’m in college it will have to be one of my biggest concerns since it’s becoming the biggest part of my life.


            If I could change our generation I’d change things back to more of an early 20s and 30s work ethic. Everyone at that time was on the same page. They understood what needed to be done and they worked together to fix that. That’s why they’re marked as one of the best generations of all time.  If we are anything we are a generation that could use some work and maybe some guidance. If we could take lessons from older generations we could probably achieve a lot more. Looked at all that we’ve done now and were aren’t even all grown up yet. Imagine if we turn that around and made a positive impact of the world.







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