We are the Millennials… And You Are?

Because of my age, technically I am not a member of the Millennial generation  but I absolutely identify with the Millennial generation. One thing that the Millennial generation and I have in common is our optimistic spirit. According to an article by Claire Thompson titled Millennial Medium Chill: What the Screwed Generation Can Teach us About Happiness, this generation is “coming of age as ‘team- oriented young optimists during a crisis'” (Thompson). In my opinion, it would only make sense to be optimistic, even in situations when you feel like there is no getting out of it. The Millennial generation have already been faced with many adversities such as financial instability (now and later), and high levels of doubt of  a bright, successful future. That being said, the Millennial generation as well as myself would have to be optimistic. Constantly hearing that we will not be as successful or more successful than the previous generation(s) only makes some of us want to give up on the idea of trying to become successful and not even try to build a great future for themselves as well as their families. However, not everyone is like that. The many UMich students that are members of the Millennial generation clearly hasn’t given up on the possibility of becoming successful because we are at one of the most prestigious universities in the country and we will not give up.

The Millennial generation is a generation that is unlike any other. In a study done by the Pew Research Center        to compare the Millennial generation to the many generations that came before us. The study was titled Millennials: Confident. Connnected. Open to Change. The study showed that members of the Millennial generation believe that this generation is unique because of our advanced technology, how liberal we are, and our pop culture. And I completely agree.  This generation has the best technology ever: electric/ self- parking cars, 3D televisions, and smartphones that does everything for you. Who else can say that ,with the push of a button, their car can parallel park itself? Or if they are near a power outlet, they can charge their car? No one that is not from this generation. People like us are scarce.  We are very distinct. If I am anything, if we are anything, we are FIERCE!

– Nya M




3 thoughts on “We are the Millennials… And You Are?

  1. I loved the ending of the last paragraph. By providing examples you also provided imagery and detail which applied to the majority of the audience. Your citing skills were well done! By reading this, I realized that my citing skills need improved so thank you! Overall I think your essay was well written, it captured my interest. There were only a few small grammatical errors (but we all do sometimes). Other than that, I think it was great!

  2. I enjoyed your article. I agree with you completely and I also find out to be the most fascinating generation

  3. I really liked your article, especially that part about being optimistic and not giving up. I think that’s a big portion of our generation and I’m glad you mentioned it.

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