The Real Generation is The Millennial Generation

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Millennial can be described as the generation that has more of technology and a towering amount of economic hardships. College can be the key to success if I choose the right path. Sometimes that path can come with trials and tribulations. During my journey throughout college, I do not plan to take out any loans if possible. Many people in my generation have obtained a ludicrous amount of student debt. When I was reading an article by Dale Stephens called “Do You Really Have to Go to College,” it made me think about the reasons why college is important. People have drilled over and over in my head that I have to go college in order to be successful. The truth is, college is not for everyone because some people can be successful without a college degree. My case is different because I want to become an orthodontist. How can I put braces in people mouths if I have not had the right guidance or teachings? I would need to know all the fundamentals for teeth alignment; therefore, college will definitely help me in the future.

Millennial generation is believed to be the generation that spends a bizarre amount of time using technology instead of reading a newspaper. Technology has been helpful with essays and blogs related to orthodontics. Today, orthodontists have technological appliances that helps the orthodontist’s job become a whole lot easier. Technology has also made many benefits on society. Instead of reading newspapers, I am able to look at the news on any of my mobile devices. It is true that technology may have some setbacks but some computers have jobs that are more useful to a human’s job. I remember when humans actually took a patient’s pulse. Now the patient can get their pulse taken through a machine. Machines and other technological advices helps people, such as doctors, become more precise with diseases and other illnesses. According to Pew Research, my generation is “the only generation for which these new technologies are not something they’ve had to adapt to.” Millennial generation help establish new technological advances.

I considered myself to apart of the millennial generation because my generation has done a lot of fantastic things such as technological advances. I only consider that the things my generation have done so far is only the beginning of the things my generation will do in the future. If I am anything, if we are anything, we are changing the world one step at a time.





3 thoughts on “The Real Generation is The Millennial Generation

  1. Couldn’t agree with your blog anymore! We have made such technological advancements in the medical field that has helped us not only cure disease but completely prevent it. Over the years we have created technology that no one in this world even predicted was possible. Starting with the creation f the light bulb by Thomas Edison to now Steve Jobs creating Microsoft. Which most companies would not even be here if Microsoft was never created. Through hard work and dedication these people have over come all possible odds and changed the world forever! Who is to say with all the technological advancements to this day we can not further these inventions to an even deeper advancement. It is up to our generation to find the cure for cancer and many other problems this world deals with on a daily basis. It is upon our generation to provide this world with the solutions and I believe we are completely capable of accomplishing anything we put our minds to.

  2. I agree with you 100%. Having technology has put us so far ahead of the game. Over the last few years we’ve become more and more technologically dependent. Which in some cases aren’t such a bad thing. Technology in the medical field has been a tremendous help. 40 years ago catching some of the diseases doctor stop now would have been impossible. Having technology has done more good then bad.

  3. What a great blog, I loved how you stated that college is not for everyone and that you actually choose to go to college. Keep it up and once more, great job.

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