Social Networking in Today’s Society


College is a very big deal to many people. It is a step up to higher education. Social Networks can also play a huge role to many people.
I decided to attend the University of Michigan because it has a great pre-health program and I plan to become an orthodontist. I love the fact that U of M can help open doors for you. Social networking is used in most universities such as U of M. I can do a lot of things online, such as registering for my classes online or even checking my grades.
Social Networking has recently became very popular. Many teens, pre-teens, even grandparents are getting involved in social networking. However, I do not have a specific preference with my social networking. Some people can be involved with social media whether it is day or night. Communication is now used more through technology than actually in personal communication. Now that I actually attend U of M, I do not get to see my family in person every day, but I can still see them every day. Technology has made it possible to not only talk to a person through a cell phone, but I can also talk to a person while looking at them on a mobile device. I especially get a kick out of face timing my little brother. Apple has a feature on their phones that allows you to see who you are talking to. What will they think of next?
Social networking is essentially certain websites that could be used to communicate with others. It can help people such as teachers and professors get more acquainted with their students. I am now able to email my professors and gain access to their online resources. At times social networking can be very beneficial, nevertheless, social networking could be very damaging.

Diamond Parker


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