Proud Millennial and Member of Generation Y


Proud Millennial and Member of Generation Y


I am a millennial. The quiz I took online from the Pew Research Center said so (How Millennial Are You?). I got an 83 out of 100 on the quiz, the test assuming I was born after 1981. All jokes aside, I want to do something that has a purpose, that gives back to the community/world, and something that I love to do professionally. It all sounds great and fantastic and completely nuts, but it’s exactly what I see myself doing in the years to come: being happy.

I am very much like these people that you call Millennials: eager to learn, travel, and experience life slightly different from how our parents experienced theirs.  However, I have yet to experience independent hardships because I am still financially supported by my family. So I don’t know what it feels to struggle because I can barely make ends meet or pay my bills.

I don’t believe that it is the fault of the millennials for the image they have portrayed because of the economic collapse.  Why is it that the generations surrounding us struggle with their own issues, yet have so much harsh criticism? The Pew wrote, “They are more ethnically and racially diverse than older adults. They’re less religious, less likely to have served in the military, and are on track to become the most educated generation in American history” (Millennials: Confident. Connected. Open to Change). This reaffirms what the intentions are for the Millennials progressing through the obstacles they face.

Thompson and The Pew Research Center both used research they found to support what millennials are and what they are doing in our society.  I enjoyed both of their articles because of their perspectives they both brought to light; opinions and facts.  Thompson, former Grist writer gave her opinion about the very real deficits the millennials have had to endure due to our parents’ generation.  Complimenting Thompson, The Pew Research validates the hope for the Millennials and their path to change the world as creative and innovative thinkers and problem solvers. “You could dismiss this as youthful naïveté, but I think it’s also a sign of how our reality has influenced our expectations”( Thompson, Millennial Medium Chill).  If I am anything, we are anything, we are the innovative change that world needs.


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4 thoughts on “Proud Millennial and Member of Generation Y

  1. It was very interesting that you had a video instead of an image, and seeing that you had took a quiz on how millennial you are. The information about the quiz you took in the opening sentences really grabbed my attention. You have really good voice and style and you also have really good examples from the articles. I liked that you shared that you can’t really relate to struggles because your still living on your parents financially because most likely, so is everyone else. You made it a point that other people can’t blame our generation for their past mistakes, and the financial crisis isn’t out fault. Good job!

  2. It’s great that you want to give back and change the world. I also wouldn’t know what it’s like to be struggling for money. We really can change the world because we are so innovative.

  3. I think your blog is very interesting and very open which is very cool. I love how you used a video instead of a picture, way to think outside of the box. Then Like how you took a quiz to see what millennial you are, The only thing I seen was just watch your grammar , but other than that I really enjoyed reading your blog

  4. I think that your blog was written very well. I liked how you used a video instead of a picture to help us understand what you are expressing in your blog. Good Job.

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