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Terra Stapleton

This generation is different from other generations. We have more technology and more advances than other generations in the past. I am part millennial, because I do not agree with some of the arguments about our generation. We are very bright for our generation, but I think some of our generation lets advanced technology go to their heads and are now facing health problems, like diabetes and obesity. There are many characteristics about me that show I am the same as my millennial generation, but there is some of me that is not.

I am like millennials in many ways. For example, I am lost without my phone and my other technology devices. This is bad because if we somehow lost our power or lost our technology, like a black out, our generation would be in big trouble because we are so used to technology. The older generations would know what to do because they never had the advanced technology that we have now. In an article I read the author says, “millennials’ seemingly aimless, noncommittal approach to life doesn’t necessarily signify laziness or apathy or an inability to take anything seriously” (Thompson 3). I feel that is somewhat true. Our generation is very lazy in my opinion, but not all of the generation is like that. Some are very hard workers that want a brighter future. There was another quote I found that is true; it says “we are the least overtly religious American generation in modern times” (PewResearch 1). This is a true statement in my opinion; we do not show our religion like past generations do. For example, I am Baptist and I have no time to practice my religion like normal Baptists do. The way I practice religion is by praying before I eat, I say a prayer every night before I go to bed and I talk about my religion because I am proud of my faith. However, I do not go to church very much like past generations.

If I am anything, if we are anything, we are a work in progress. We make mistakes, but we always push forward for a brighter future for other future generations to come.


2 thoughts on “Millennials

  1. This was a very relatable blog post and I really enjoyed reading it. I, like you, can’t live without my phone either. It’s just what our generation is used to. I also agree with you that people get caught up in technolohy and eventually become lazy, but you’re right, that does not mean everyone in our generation is that way. I think we definitely are a work in progress and that was an extremely great way of puting it, your last couple sentences gave me chills. You did a very good job!

  2. I really enjoyed the part where you emphasized that most people from our generation cannot be without their phones and it is true. I liked how you included yourself in your blog by talking about your religion and making a point that not everyone practices their religion on a daily basis.

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