blog 2The millennial generation refers to those born after 1980, and since I was born in 1996, I would fall into this generation. However, some people may feel that they fit better under a different category such as the silent generation or the baby boomer generation and so on. Even though many of the articles were criticizing the millennial, also known as the “screwed” generation, I feel as if I definitely fit under this category and I couldn’t be more appreciative.

            Millennial medium chill: What the screwed generation can teach us about happiness by Claire Thompson showed an inspiring aspect of all the positive things our generation has to offer. Thompson quoted McCarthy stating “A lot of older people we talk to about the project will tell us that they’re completely stumped at how optimistic our generation is. Regardless of life circumstances, that optimism theme really does carry through. People we’ve met who are in situations that just seem absolutely hopeless are still saying they’re pretty sure they’re going to get what they want out of life” (Thompson). I have met so many people that have every reason to give up on life because they have been through unbearable pain and hardships but they still come out of those experiences with an optimistic attitude and make the most of what they’re given, and that is exactly what our generation is about. Thompson continues, “McCarthy sees us as “problem solvers” who are generally “interested in contributing in a positive way to the world that we live in, whether that’s on a small local level or on a conceptual, global level” (Thompson). Every person I have met in the Bridge Program and at the University of Michigan has some type of plan to affect the world in either a small scale or a larger scale and that is one of the main reasons that this article comes alive to me.

            Nevertheless, in the article Are Millennials the Screwed Generation? by Joel Kotkin, it provides a whole different perspective to the millennial generation as a whole. Kotkin starts off by saying “Today’s youth, both here and abroad, have been screwed by their parents’ fiscal profligacy and economic mismanagement” (Kotkin). Kotkin says this in a way that already doubts our generation and has no faith in us despite giving us a fair chance. Many people are trying to say we are some screwed up generation but, “…because we recognize that these fundamental shifts are good for society as a whole, that they represent a rejection of the mindset that got us into this mess” (Thompson). It’s important to remember that even if people put ideas into our head, it’s our choice to prove them wrong and reject all the negativity. If I am anything, if we are anything, we are the millennial generation, and we WILL prove them wrong.


Thompson, Claire. “Millennial Medium Chill: What the Screwed Generation Can Teach Us about Happiness.” Grist (30 Apr 2013): 1-7. 11 July 2014.

 Kotkin, Joel. “Are Millennials the Screwed Generation?” Newsweek (July 15 2012): 1-4. Web. 11 July 2014.

Kendall Kramer


3 thoughts on “Millennials

  1. I absolutely love your “If I am anything, if we are anything, we are…” statement. It’s as if I was chanting along side of you. I think your essay was well written. Your reference to the articles was well done. I had trouble referencing, and by reading yours I have a better understanding on how to reference. I also liked how you provided an example of how people in your life are optimistic during hard times, and that you included your peers attitudes here at Michigan. To me, examples really contribute to ones essay. Nice job!

  2. I thought your blog was written very well. I liked how you used experiences from your own life, such as the Bridge program, to make it more personal.

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