Indeed a Millennial

Cheyenne Travioli

Professor Epstein

Writing 100

11 July 2014

Indeed a Millennial

Each generation popularizes the idea that people in a particular group share a distinct set of beliefs, values, and behaviors according to the Strauss-Howe generational theory. Generations tend to have signature personalities that leave unique marks on world cultures and history (Thompson). Today the Millennial generation, my generation, have an interest. An interest to leave an unique mark in the world.

Millennials share common characteristics giving their generation a specific character. We are civil-minded individuals with a strong sense of community. Myself and many others show traits of confidence, tolerance, and entitlement. Even though our characteristics vary by region, we Millennials are familiarized with communication, media, and technology supporting the Strauss Howe theory.

Despite being the first modern era to experience increasing levels of student loan debt and unemployment, Millennials seem more upbeat than our elders about the future globally. Despite realities expectations, I believe that my generation won’t have the worst life, I believe that we will have lived a different one, just like any other generation. Every generation has its own challenges, and clearly we are no different. Even though the odds are not in our favor financially, we see an opportunity of satisfaction in our work. We have an in-depth interest in experience, being it’s easier to achieve in this world today (Thompson).

As children, our days were tightly scheduled and we became accustomed to having every hour filled with structured activity. Millennials now struggle with handling time management and free time. Compared to devious generations, Millennials spend hours on homework and have less free time .We’re pressured to succeed, pushed hard to achieve, told to avoid risks, and to take advantage of opportunities. We’re a pressured generation.

With that being said, Millennials want instant recognition and gratification, and because of this I believe I am a Millennial. Many Millennials, including myself, need to know that we’re contributing value to life. Another priority Millennials value is career advancement. According to Pew Research Center, 15% want the opportunity to advance and develop their careers (Millennials). We have a constant need of being on the right track. Recognition of our accomplishments encourages many Millennials to work harder and achieve.

Another factor that contributes to being a Millennial is a small share of young adults in todays society were raised by both parents. Because of this, many Millennials place parenthood and successful marriage as their most important priority (Millennial). We value transparency. We want open and honest meaningful relationships. Collaborating and building friendships with colleagues, family, and peers is highly valued.

We are self-expressive, liberal, and willingly open to change. Today we are more racially diverse, we are the founders of the demographic shift in America, we are racially tolerant, we are receptive to new ideas. If I am anything, if we are anything, we are the writers of new traditions.


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