Generation Identity

Generation Misunderstanding


For centuries, there have been names that describes a generation based on the year they were born and how he or she acts when they are growing up. Here are some names of the different generations: Baby Boomer, Generation X, Silent, etc. (Pew Research). I never fully understood the meaning behind the names of the generation that came before me.  Based on my birth year and society, I am a part of the Milleinnal Generation.

Until about last week, I did not know what was the name of my generation and I did not care about it. What I don’t understand is why do people come up with these names and implant them into our minds through their writing. Some say that our generation is screwed. The people who write about this age group do not know anything about this generation. According to one article, “A lot of older people we talk to about the project will tell us that they’re completely stumped at how optimistic our generation is” (Thompson).

From what I have observed, my fellow Bridge classmates have a lot of positivity and very optimistic. The reason why this generation has so much optimism is because of the encouragement we received growing up from our parents and is still with us during our college careers. Despite everything everyone goes through in life, we have to remember to keep our heads up and be positive. My family instilled this to me because they always believed in me.

Do I identify myself as part of the Millennial generation? At times I do. The main characteristic I share with many other Millennials is that I want a better life for my family and myself in the future. However, there are some that do not believe in us because we are still in our teen years.  

If we are anything, we are misunderstood young adults. Many people question whether or not the “miserable” millenials can make it in the real world (Thompson)? I say we can survive and make something of ourselves. “We still have little power in this power in this country, and until those in charge stop seeing us as shiftless rogues, we’re going to be on our own in creating the life we want” (Thompson).

Ky Love

Photo credit “Millenial Generation” 


3 thoughts on “Generation Identity

  1. You don’t know me! Absolutely love the fact that you stated if you don’t know us then why are you making assumptions about us? We as a generation have already proved the skeptics out there wrong about how they say we are a screwed generation. Since when was being successful an easy thing to accomplish? Never! Through trials and tribulations we have already over come so much. We have a very optimistic generation, just ask around to our fellow Millennials who will tell you no matter what problems we are dealing with we are still going to get out of life exactly what we want. I personally have had handwork and dedication instilled in me from my parents and they absolutely believe that I can accomplish anything I put my mind to. If we all come together we can change the world! All these skeptics out there think they know us but they don’t have a clue!

  2. I love the way you addressed the fact that everyone continuously makes assumptions about this generation like all of us are the same when we are not. I LOOOOOOOOVE IT!!!

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