A Generation Lost, In Time


(Pavel kuczynski)

I am not a millennial, I do not associate with them consciously, nor do I wish to. I like many others before believe I was born in the wrong decade, the wrong generation. My interests are far from those around me, and my traditions, values, and overall way of life are nothing even remotely similar to those that are considered to be in my generation. I would have been very content with almost any of the previous 3 generations than the one I am given based on birthdate. To be a millennium is not something I wish to be, therefor I do not associate myself with the ideals that are thrust upon the generation that is time and time again categorized as “skrewed” my generation might very well be skrewed, but I am not (Kotkin). I am not because I choose not to be. I choose to not live by the forced standards of the previous generation, and the “just go with it” sheeple mindset of those around me. My generation often acts as though our sentencing of peril is mandatory, and that failure to attend the sentencing will result in even greater consequences of not fitting in. This is a pathetic, mindset, it is closed minded and ignorant to believe that we must put up with what we have been handed. It is definitely possible to change our level of success as a generation, and it is not too late to start, but the later we do start to challenge what is being forced upon us, the harder it will be to free the minds of those who have already given in to failure, lower standards, and dependency on the generations dying out (Thomson). If anything. We should strive to be the generation that turned the tide of peril, and may not have grown up the quickest, but grew up the most to deal with not only the problems handed to us, but future problems to be ahead of the curve, as a generation, and to set a president for generations to come.


6 thoughts on “A Generation Lost, In Time

  1. Your first sentence really grabbed my attention because it was different from everyone elses. I like that you speak your mind and it was interesting seeing a different point of view. Your voice and focus was extremely on point, although I think your examples from the texts could have been better because Kotkin provided very thorough examples as to how the millennials are skrewed. Nice job!

  2. You’re first sent abc grabbed my attention. Your photo definitely goes well with what you’re saying. You could could of used more articles to prove your point. But other than that good job

  3. You caught me off guard with your view point. I found it interesting your alternate view on the situation. I appreciate your alternative viewpoint.

  4. I love how you just got to the point at the very first sentence it really catches your eye and wants to make people want to know more. Its sucks that you feel like your in the wrong generation but it happens. The only problem I see was your quotes, but other than that your blog is really good.

  5. The way you tied the photo and your blog was done very well. I think you tied it all together very nicely. I agree with the using more articles thing to help reinforce your fact and i think i could have done that as well.

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