Welcome Week


Entering one of the top educational institutions of the nation is mind-blowing. The University of Michigan is such a significant university. It has created centuries of traditions and achievements from their academics to athletics. I am proud and excited to start my path as a wolverine. It has truly been one of my biggest accomplishments of my life. However, with Michigan having such a great reputation, there are aspects that come along with that, for instance partying.

One thing students hear about from other students is about the parties. Many assumptions are made when entering a Big Ten college, like “work hard, party harder.” The most known party is during welcome week. That’s when all the new freshmen are moving in and getting settled into the college life. Welcome week is known to be when the upper classmen welcome the freshmen to the university by the way of throwing parties. Now, don’t get me wrong, that all sounds like fun, but it also has consequences that follow. A major aspect of parties is drinking. I was a little bit concerned about that part because I have heard multiple stories of students ending up in hospitals or even worse, hung over on the street unconscious with the risk of being a victim to sexual assault.

Almost all of my family has attended a university, and many have even attended the University of Michigan. When I left for college, some of my older cousins gave me some wise words of wisdom. They mentioned to be safe when partying because of large amount of incidents that occur at college parties. For example, an article from the University of Northwestern entitled, “Wildcat Welcome Week alcohol-related hospital visits increase,” stated that, “Three Northwestern freshmen were transported to the hospital for alcohol-related reasons during this year’s Wildcat Welcome Week.” (Merchant, 2011) It is one negative, but yet well-known aspect of colleges. Every college has parties and every college has incidents that happen.


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