The Road to Boston

For me to enter the university of Michigan is a very overwhelming experience. I decided to take on more challenges, and harder challenge than I did in high school. My athletic pursuits alone consume time I did not know I would cherish so much, and miss so much now that it is gone. When academics are added, I question daily if all of the things that lead me here and my final decision to show up were worth it. The highs and lows and the constant uncertainty have started to search for my limits of patience and will. I’m happy to be here, but so far what I have done here does not make me happy, but it’s all in good time. Earlier this year, late I his career, a San Diego native won the Boston marathon. It had been over 30 years since an American won the Boston marathon. A slice of perspective for this, would be Real Madrid winning the Super Bowl. It’s an American race, on American soil, and it is once again under the title of not just an American, but a San Deigan. and Just one year prior one of Americas greatest city’s was brought to chaos by the horrendous bombing attacks on athletes and spectators alike, for anAmerican to return to win the following year is a testament to the new wave of great American runners on the rise. American runners both past and present have fought all odds to persevere. “To give anything less than your best, is to sacrifice the gift”-Steve Prefontaine. Life is a gift, the opportunity of college is a gift, a strong passion and desire to archive what means the most to you is a gift, yet everyday I reach a moment when I fear that maybe my best simply is not enough, and that all the sacrifices I have made, have not been my best, but Pre did it. On 3 dollars a day and food stamps, he ran and outran. In shoes from a waffle iron and in a trailer in a field, he fought the largest athletic governing body. When most others were in doubt, and had already given up, he broke limitations and records, so why not me, why not us.image


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