World Cup Struggles

A current event that is happening in the world is the world cup. Personally I have been very disappointed because my favorite team, Spain, got knocked out in the group stages. On the bright side the United States are making a real statement and they are making a lot of people in this country start to notice the sport and I think that is a really good thing because we have a lot of talented soccer players in this country that end up playing other sports to go with American culture. I have been playing soccer since I can remember and my dad played semi pro in Spain. My father was born in Spain and so was the rest of my family even on my mothers’ side. I visit Spain every year because most of my family still lives there. I am really upset with the World Cup now because Belgium has just beaten the United States. I myself play on the under 20 USA men’s national team. I have played with many of the guys that went to the World Cup and I understand how much work they put in to get prepared for that huge event. Being able to play in the World Cup is a huge honor and only a select few of players have ever played in it. If you are lucky enough to play in a World Cup it is something you should cherish for the rest of your life. I myself had the incredible chance to take part in the under 17 World Cup in the United Arab Emirates and it was an amazing experience. I will tell my children and my grandchildren stories about all the places that I have been to and all the amazing things I was lucky enough to experience at such a young age. Hopefully I will get a chance to take part in the World Cup in 2018 or 2022. It will be interesting to see who else moves on in the World Cup because many of the favorites have been knocked out of the competition already. Now that Spain is out I want Argentina to win because my mother is from there.


3 thoughts on “World Cup Struggles

  1. Great job on your first blog, it’s very interesting so see where your passion comes from. I like how you related what is going on in the world to your life including your family as well. Keep up the great work and good luck this year in playing soccer.

  2. This is a very interesting post and it must be exciting to know some of the players. Good luck on playing in the World Cup some day and congratulations on your previous accomplishments.

  3. Your enthusiasm for something that is such a big part of your life is really inspiring to stay driven to achieve your goals. It is also very relatable to myself and my passion for athletics.

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