Significance of Hardships

Cheyenne Travioli

Professor Epstein

Writing 100

4 July 2014

Significance of Hardships

The University of Michigan. A dream that does not come from a passion to sit in “The Big House”, or have a superficial attachment to Michigan’s most famous university, but from a desire to prove myself, my family, and my heritage.

Despite a somewhat tumultuous life, a somewhat unstable home, and the many hardships I have faced, I have made my dream a reality. Past experiences, both positive and negative, have encouraged me to push harder towards pursuing my dream. With countless nights of suffering I understand the significance of these negative experiences.

Abandonment, alcoholism, anger, sadness, and depression has showed me who I want to be. These experiences have matured me. Every single experience has helped me rise above the negativity and be more understanding. They have taught me who I want to be and how I want others to be remembered. When faced with these hardships, I didn’t push them aside. I simply took it step by step, day by day, and learned who I was, and who I will be in the future.

Past experiences, current experiences, and future experiences profoundly impact all of us. These very experiences will always encourage me to pursue my dreams, and to prove that these experiences offer opportunity. Opportunities to help others, to inspire, to offer the most, and to embrace these experiences and grow as an individual. From hardships, loss, griefs and despairs overcome, maturity and growth have formed through my regrets, hopes and forgotten dreams.


9 thoughts on “Significance of Hardships

  1. We all come from a struggle, no matter the degree of the problem or severity of the situation we all have the choice to attack the issue with a positive mindset or have it eat at us and keep us from being successful. Amazing to see you have overcome such hardships and came out on top. You should be proud of yourself for overcoming all these problems and having the motive to prove everyone wrong that you are here on this earth to do amazing successful things. The University of Michigan is the place to do all these things you want to do in your life. There are so many opportunities that will come your way the next four years I encourage you to take every opportunity and hit it with a violence of action and make the best of every situation just like you have with all the hardships you have overcome in your past years thus far. I have felt with many of the same problems myself and it is always nice to know that I am not alone with what I have felt with. “Strength does not come from winning. Your struggles develop your strengths. When you go through hardships and decide not to surrender, that is strength.” -Arnold Schwarzenegger

  2. This was extremely well written and I can relate to a lot of it. I have experienced depression while my dad had Alcoholism and I know exactly what you are saying when all of those experiences have made you who you are and it has really shown you who you want to be and how you plan to do it. I’m really proud of you for achieving something so great and I know you will do amazing things. Good job, this was very inspiring to read.

  3. I feel as though there is still many people who discriminate and persecute gays. I believe that American society is taking another step in the right direction to equality. Though it still might take sometime little steps turn into big leaps over time. Personally, I welcome everyone. I see everyone as equal and only judge by actions and words not by appearance. I completely believe everyone should allow to pursue what makes them happy. I really liked your article keep it up.

  4. In regard to the blog I can say that I agree with several points that were raised in the blog one being that I have also had to learn to push through concerning my own negative and positive experience in my own life. But those same experiences forge us a build us stronger. Not everyone can encourage themselves through negative and positive experiences I believe it is something deeper within a person that causes people to want to succeed when they come from certain situations such as abandonment. I have tremendous respect for you ambition and focus. I believe also just reading the blog that it gives a powerful testimony concerning how things can turn around although in the being one doesn’t see the bigger picture which is what your life’s true purpose is.

  5. Your blog was amazing and in a way an inspiration to others. I can see were your coming from and it is really great that you personally deal with any conflicts and do not just let them go by. Once more nice blog and keep it up.

  6. I think this post is very insightful. Many people are going through the same struggles and i know how difficult they can be. I respect the fact that you can deal with it because many people aren’t as strong minded as yourself and can’t handle the challenges that are put in front of them. Everyone goes through struggles, they just need to find the best way to deal with them.

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