Confrontations in Life

Coming into the University of Michigan enlightened me, but also frightened me. It is a great honor and privilege to be attending a university with high standards. Now many people by this point might be thinking that I am scared about small things that I might encounter in college, but that is not true. I am scared about people judging me for who I am; especially my background. I was born in America, but just because I am Mexican American does not give anyone the right to judge me. Discrimination has been seen throughout many years and unfortunately I have been a victim. The fact is, I do not understand why people discriminate against others. Why are they wasting their time and my time making insults? How do they have the courage to straight up discriminate someone? Why do they attack innocent people, who they have probably never met? In my opinion, these people have nothing to do, but make other people’s life seem worthless. The attackers do not know who we are or if we suffer, yet they decide to bring more pain upon us. I would start to think that people who discriminate must in some sense have a boring life. It may come to the point that people who decide to take a negative action towards someone may not have morals. I would think that they were taught no manners and are simply immature. I certainly hope to never become a person with such negative and low values. The great thing about the University of Michigan, especially through the summer bridge program is that they alert one. In the fall, there is not that much diversity and that could be a problem. Although problems tend to be fixed and if discrimination is occurring we can find a solution to decrease discrimination. We all have to grow as a community, stay strong and help each other through tough moments. Another approach that might benefit in a way from being discriminated is that it makes one mentally and emotionally stronger. In the end, who are the mature adults? An independent and strong woman also faced discrimination for who she was and for the color of her skin. Rosa Parks along with Martin Luther King Jr. made history in 1955. Rosa Parks was discriminated against and thought of as inferior and that is the reason why she was told to move seats on the bus (The Story Behind the Bus, 2014). I admire Rosa for who she is, because she did not care about anybody else but her values as well as identity. Although I did not have the same exact experience, I have also been discriminated against. People have told me to go back where I came from, cross the border, beaner and other things that lower ones self-esteem. There will be people in our lives that we find graceful and others who are not; unfortunately that is how life is. Stephanie Perez


3 thoughts on “Confrontations in Life

  1. Overall I think your essay was well written. The personal examples are admiring and really contributed to the essay. I love the use of rhetorical questions. Next time you should make sure to make the paragraphs evident though.

  2. I really enjoyed reading you post because of the sincerity and examples you used when writing it, it made it easy for me to follow along with and relate to.

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