Attending the University of Michigan

obeezy  Attending this prestigious University is an exciting experience that I’m still wrapping my mind around. I’ve always fastened myself as a deep-thinker, but now I have the perfect environment to allow my mind to grow and prosper in. I am just now leaving the city and being around so many people with different backgrounds but the same goals and interests is an amazing experience. While I’m here growing as a young adult I am also starting to better understand the world around me. There are countless topics I found to be interesting and wanted to learn more about but just had no outlet to pursue such endeavors. While here at the University of Michigan there are countless classes offered that touch on nearly any topic one could wish for. Also while at Michigan the world is still going on around me. The World Cup is taking place currently and with such a diverse community its great to see everyone coming around the television and enjoying a common interest. While up here I attend to meet as many people as possible and make connects that I thought were never possible before. This Michigan connection is just one of many perks that comes with attending a University of Michigan as there is always someone that can help you with your future endeavors. Even better, wanting to be a future orthodontist I am in the perfect situation to reach my goals as the dental school here is of very high standing. But what I noticed during my short time here at Bridge is that being a Michigan student isn’t all about academics, but also learning the social skills needed to be successful in the workplace. I have also recognized the emphasis on research here at this institution. Quantitative and Qualitative data are both used but more specifically quantitative data. It seems as if all statements or opinions have research of data to back them up. This garners great admiration from an individual such as myself because growing up I always kept a basketball almanac on my persons because I was always debating with my father’s friends over basketball. This passion for knowing and research eventually led to an extensive Wikipedia habit and I often find myself researching the oldest of topics. But without this thirst of knowledge, no new information can be attained. Being around like-minded people such as myself can only help in my learning development. But perhaps the most astonishing fact I realized is that by the time I graduate from the University of Michigan Barack Obama will no longer be president. He has been in office since I was the age of 12 and I don’t even recall life without a black president. What he has already accomplished and the work he has left to do is amazing but the impact he has left is even greater. Being the first black president ever is nothing short of amazing and a true motivator for me. He persevered through all odds and still reached his goals. He gave myself and youths around the world and is truly my inspiration that anything is possible.


One thought on “Attending the University of Michigan

  1. I could relate lot to your blog post. Especially when you were talking about being surrounded around new people with different backgrounds. It’s nice to know that some else is experiencing the same change as me.

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