A Family of Fans


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Growing up I’ve always been a Michigan fan, but I didn’t really understand the significance of it. I was a Michigan fan because my dad went to law school there and it has been in my family ever since. One evening two years ago, my dad brought me to a women’s soccer game. I was going through my recruitment process at the time which was overwhelming and confusing, I had no idea what school would be the best fit for me. Walking up the blue bleachers that evening I had experienced something surreal. There was genuinely cheerful fans, and parents who would cheer for not only their own daughters, but every girl on that field. Looking out at the fresh cut grass of the most exquisite field I had ever seen, I knew playing on this team was what I wanted. The team had the most amazing school spirit and it was so apparent that they were much more than just a team, they were a family. They weren’t competitive with each other and they wouldn’t scream at one another when someone made a mistake. Instead, they encouraged each other and that is what a team is all about, that is the kind of team I have always dreamt of being on. After Michigan recruited me I realized soccer would be a huge part of my life not only in these next four years but also in my future, so I joined the school of Kinesiology to study movement science or health and fitness. My main goal with this incredible opportunity of playing soccer at Michigan is to transfer my sports experiences to my study in Kinesiology and utilize that to help other people. Whether I become an athletic trainer, a nutritionist, or a physical therapist, I plan to help others one way or another. My plan is to use this main goal to focus on my studies, work extremely hard in my athletics, and manage both. Now I understand the significance of being a Michigan fan, it’s all about coming together with your community and helping each other achieve something that’s bigger than yourself.

Kendall Kramer


3 thoughts on “A Family of Fans

  1. Not bad for your first post. Just one suggestion: maybe you could break down the big paragraph into two or three paragraphs. Good luck to you in Kinesiology.

  2. An amazing post, seems to me that every athlete who makes The University of Michigan their school of choice made their commitment because of the same reason. A very strong sense of family! This was what caught my attention and caused me to choose the University of Michigan. Truly special place here at the UofM. Something way bigger than yourself is what you will be a part of here I can promise you that. Just after being here for two weeks and working out with the football team I already feel a part of something way bigger than myself and I haven’t even out the winged football helmet on yet. I am glad you are a part of the athletics here, seeing other athletes who are just as excited I am to wear the Maize and Blue like you stater in your blog the sense of community is truly amazing here! Goodluck with your soccer career, very excited to see you succeed and make the soccer team even better than they already are!

  3. I really did not think of Michigan fans like that until you pointed it out. It is great to realize something and understand what you are confronted with until you have personally experienced it. What you define as a team is so realistic in Michigan. Great job on your blog and good luck playing soccer this year. GO BLUE!!!

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